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  1. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

      Sure I might change my mind. But what is better?   Me regretting not having kids- something that will influence me only, plus I still can adopt or regretting having a kid? Kids are smart and they feel when they are not wanted. I would never want to make anyone that miserable. On top of that, the planet is dying and I find putting new kids on this earth is simply cruel. They will most likely witness horrible destructions, natural disasters, they will face a lack of food and water and more. Even we might experience that. People are not doing anything to save the planet and most likely they will not. I could never bring someone into such a messed up world.  I am 100 % sure of what I want in this case. Even if I want kids the only option I find ethical is adoption.
  2. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    Thank you!!! This is great! Could you tell me how much does it cost you? :) Thanks!
  3. Hi, I found a similar topic, but no proper answers, so I hope I will have more luck in this thread.  I am 26 and I never wanted to have kids. There are several reasons, starting with the one that I simply do not really like them and feel no desire to have any. On top of that, there are environmental reasons, the fact I plan to travel and proceed with my career rather than take care of a child. For a long time, I was taking hormonal tabs, but I decided I do not want to harm my body with hormonal anticonception any longer. I have non-hormonal IUD for about a year now but it keeps hurting whenever I have sex and I am considering removing it. I am interested, for a very long time already, in a permanent solution.   Are bilateral tubal ligation or tubal micro-inserts done anywhere in Berlin?   I know usually doctors are not willing to perform it to a woman without kids and under 30. However, I am sure of my decision and I am looking for a doctor that understands I am my own person and have a right to decide about my life and body.   Disclaimer: I am a fully grown person. I made my mind a long time ago and it never changed. When I see kids it makes me even more sure of my decision. Not everyone wants children. Not everyone finds them cute and have them on their 'must have' list. I would be super grateful if you can respect that and skip comments about how I will change my mind and that I am too young and all that crap that insinuates I am not aware of what I am doing. It will save us loads of time! Also, no, I will not change my mind when I find a perfect guy that wants kids, as a perfect guy for me does not want them either. Do you know about any doctors in Berlin that are open to performing permanent anticonception in my situation?   Best, Kate