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  1. Hi. I have a company and I sell my handmade products to private people and businesess (they become resellers). I never agree to remove my logo and put their own on my produts. Recently one reseller made a huge order, then she tried to get out of it... Well. Long story short, the case is in court now. He still had my produts in stock and now I saw on his social media post with my products but he changed the packaging to his own brand. Is German law protecting me in that case? I seems so wrong and unethical. Thanks a lot!
  2. Verpackungs Gesetz - Tax on packaging

    Yeah, I have seen this video, but it still does not answer the questions I have! Thanks though! 
  3. Verpackungs Gesetz - Tax on packaging

    Thanks. I registered and purchased the 'license for 2019' with one of the providers. Is that all?  I am super lost when it comes to what about the license - like why are there so many different companies I can buy the license from- where does this money go? I love the idea and I do not mind paying at all, but I am missing the key point of how the money I paid will help with recycling the packaging I send to customers all over the world.    I read a lot about it, but I am still very confused how it all works and I am worried I did something wrong and they will bill me for not doing something I am supposed to do   Thanks, Kate
  4. Verpackungs Gesetz - Tax on packaging

    Hi!  I recently heard about Verpackungs Gesetz - Tax on the packaging. Can someone explain to me a bit more? I do not speak German so links to german websites won't help much I have a small business and shipp some stuff sometimes. I want to make sure I am all legal.  Thanks Kate