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  1. Will Germany tax my money when I move to another EU country?

    Wait, you mean it doesn't apply to stocks individuals have? But the article says:   "Natural persons who are residents of Germany for a certain period of time and who are at least 1% shareholders in a domestic or foreign company, are deemed to realise capital gains on this shareholding when they move abroad."    From that sounds like it's talking about individuals (i.e., natural persons) who have invested in stocks. Or is "shareholder" and a stock owner not the same thing? Sorry, I am even more normalo than you     Edit: Wait, it says 1%. When you buy stocks you are a shareholder but you of course own less than 1%. Did I get it this time?
  2. Will Germany tax my money when I move to another EU country?

    Here is an article:   Quoting the first paragraph here: "What are the current conditions? The German exit tax is only applicable if it relates to: A natural person who is domiciled or habitually resident in Germany for a period of at least 10 years. A natural person who is at least a 1% shareholder in a domestic or foreign company. If both conditions aremet, a move abroad will result in the application of the exit tax. Although the shares have not been sold, it is assumed that capital gains have been realised. These capital gains on the shares are calculated on the basis of a calculation method stipulated by German law. In most cases, this results in a tax of approximately 30%."
  3. Will Germany tax my money when I move to another EU country?

    I trust your short answer and your answers on other threads seem authoritative, but can you please give some more explanation?
  4. Will Germany tax my money when I move to another EU country?

    Wrong. It's 0,00. Okay ,the proposed draft of 2019 couldn't get approved, or why is it 0?
  5. I have heard Germany might apply an exit tax to someone who moves out of Germany after having stayed at least 10 years there. I read there was a draft on this in 2019 but was not able to read more detail about that.   I am a freelancer, and I have money both in my bank accounts earned from freelancing and I also own stocks. How much will Germany take from this money?
  6. Who pays the fine for late submission?

    I submitted my quarterly VAT report to my tax advisor company by email. As usual, I attach the files through a Dropbox transfer link, and I got a notification that the files were downloaded.    One month later (today), I get an email from one of my tax advisor employees saying that Finanzamt has sent them a letter. The letter noted that I have not submitted my quarterly report and that there will be a late submission fee. It's now the weekend, so I haven't been able to reach the accountant company.   Who pays that fine?  By the way, is it complicated to change accountants?