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  1. Neubau issues - advice on acceptance

    Good morning all,   So we took the plunge and bought a apartment from a reputable builder in Munich.   We got our date for acceptance and upon arrival the apartment was not ready.  They have blamed roadworks/corona which we latter then found out they had an agreement with the city council that they would of done two months ago.   To get the keys they told us we'd have to pay 100%, latter we found out this was not the case and we were meant to hold 3.5% back.  Now thats our own fault and I accept that.   My main concerns are, if we've paid 100% apparently i've been told we should be given the key, even if acceptance is not done, is this true?   Also do we have to accept the shared area before we accept the special area?  They are insisting on this and seem to be intent on getting it done before the end of the month which we assume is related to the VAT change or the fact we fall into another month over the contract terms.   The issue is the shared areas are only about 90% complete, i would say there is another months work.  Tomorrow we have to check the apartment over (engaged a surveyor based on past experience with this builder now).  As they want us to accept the special areas, but it seems they still want to push to pre-accept the shared areas.  The good thing is the other owners (most of) have not paid in full and are holding back their monies/signature for the shared areas.   Really appreciate any help as never experienced anything like this before.    
  2. Tax advice expat moving costs different tax years

    Hello,   Yes I am a little out of my depth.  In my case my time between the UK and Germany was holidays at the end of my employement that I had.  We moved December 20th 2018 and my Holidays terminated in January at which point I started my new role the day after my last day of employment with the UK firm.  Sounds like profesional advise it needed so this is done correctly.     I really appreciate your time and advice :)
  3. Tax advice expat moving costs different tax years

    Thank you so much.  In my case I moved from the UK to Munich so the DTA looks like it would of been in place.  I had no earnings as I moved in December 2018.  So in theory I should be able to claim 2018 but there is a small chance that will alter by at least some amount my 2019 regardless of the DTA if I understand this correctly?   My earnings in the UK where lower than my German income.  Hopefully this will help other people :)
  4. Hello, I had a firm Job offer in 2018 and moved to Germany in 2018, my Job Started in Jan 2019 and I did my first tax return for 2019.  My old Job technically ended the 1st of Jan 20019.  The tax office is saying I can't claim for my moving costs in 2018 as I was not employed in Germany at this time.   Is that correct?
  5. @RedMidge haha, the palace is just down the road.  Although some people do live in the palace.   I have no idea how much/what you have to do to live there though.  If you are interested though you can contact the owners via the link  
  6. I think it is because the land(people) live above us.  I know in the other building next to us one of the tenants has a dog.   If they had pet's themselves it would be different :)
  7. Updated link with photos
  8. Hello   I hope everyone is keeping safe and you and all your family is well.     I'm hopeful some people are still moving in the current climate. We have really great landlords(people) and I wanted to help them out as they looked after us so well.  Especially since we knew next to no German when we moved here.  We are only moving due to the fact an opportunity to purchase came up in the south of Bavaria.   What we really like is the nearby forest and  the palace   The apartment is set back from the train station behind another building so you don't really hear the trains, the balcony get's the sun most of the day and is fairly sizable.   It's all very spacious inside with a lot of light.  The elevator is a good size and the storage room is actually a room (not a shared area wood one) with a door in the basement with electric and lights.   The kitchen is fitted with good quality appliances and the doors between the rooms all have locks.  We can sort out some pictures if needed, but it's mainly boxes everywhere at the moment.     Anyway you can see more at the below link:   Main facts: 75m2 2 room Fitted Kitchen Very close to S1 station elevator Parking We leave sometime during June 2020, officially available 01.07.2020 Guest toilet Rent 1300 Cold Rent 1450 warm