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  1. Thanks @murphaph! Unfortunately my German is weak, but Google Translate is an incredible tool.    The article you shared sounds straight to the point. And I think there are two main takeaways here:    1. My tax estimation is subject to review as article §164 is mentioned. This means that I can (probably) submit the declaration even after the notice period has expired and expect to return the over-estimated amount. There obviously is no reason to wait for more than a month, but the fact that I can amend the estimation sounds good. 2. If I only pay the fine and don't do the declaration Finanzamt might assume that I am doing tax evasion. That is a very useful point because I was considering just paying the fine if I cannot return anything. This means I will be doing the tax declaration anyway.   Now the only question remains - do I send the declaration to my old Finanzamt or to a new one? I haven't dealt with the new Finanzamt and my steuerID is still old, I changed the location only in 2020 (declaration in question is from 2019), so I am leaning towards sending it to the old Finanzamt.   My current action plan: 1. Pay the full amount (late fee + over-estimated tax). 2. Submit the tax declaration on Elster and send it to the old Finanzamt. 3. I won't send a letter with the objection and paper-declaration because my estimation is subject to review (§164). 4. Wait for some of the Euros I paid (#1.) to be returned. 5. Profit (or not so much)
  2. I read that steuerberater:in would take around 300-1000 EUR for a declaration. If find out that I cannot fix the situation then I absolutely have no wish to spend more. And I can do my own declaration on ELSTER if that would be enough. The declaration should be straightforward and I have already done it for 2018. I am just asking whether anyone knows if it's worth trying.   That is why I came here with a question, I am fully aware that I can pay a  steuerberater:in to do everything for me. But it seems that my situation is pretty standard. There was no declaration, Finanzamt estimated it for me. Question is - can I still amend it by submitting the declaration or is it already final?
  3. I have seen similar topics on TT, but they don't answer my specific question, so I am creating a new thread. Sorry if I have missed something.   TL;DR I haven't filled my tax declaration for 2019 and I have just received a Bescheid today from Finanzamt saying that I have to pay 1000 EUR. That's 400 EUR Verspätungszuschlag and the rest is Einkommensteuer + Solidaritätszuschlag as estimated by Finanzamt. I am fine with paying the Verspätungszuschlag since it's my fault anyway, but can I still quickly submit the correct declaration using ELSTER and avoid paying the rest of the sum? (Or rather pay the 1000 EUR immediately and hope to return 600 after my declaration is evaluated, since there's a deadline that I don't want to miss this time)   My full situation:  I was obliged to do my tax declaration because I had a Gewerbe which I ended in January 2019. I registered Gewerbe in 2018 because I was expecting some freelance work but in the end I had 0 income and I am employed by a company as a normal employee continuously since 2017. The Gewerbe Bescheid came with all 0 sums, so I don't own anything there, but my personal (joint with my wife) tax evaluation has a debt of 1000 EUR.   By reading other posts I understand that there is 1 month to make corrections after Bescheid is received. In this case it's not really corrections but the full declaration that I still have to do. Do you think that is still possible? And can I just do it via ELSTER? The letter I received mentions section §164, so I suppose the declaration is valid to amendment?   Just to add a spin to this - I moved districts in 2020 so I should probably report to another Finanzamt. Do I submit the 2019 declaration to my old Finanzamt?
  4. Situation: my wife is working for a company on a temporary contract. There is a conflict about current working conditions and she is thinking whether to push the employer further. They can terminate the contract practically without a reason and that's fine. We are worried about her reputation when she will be looking for another employment. (reputation is supposedly very important in her industry)   Question: can a future employer know about the fact that the employee was previously fired? Can they know the details of the conflict?   I understand there probably is no database holding the contract details of all employees. But this is Germany, I am subconsciously afraid there might be some Amt stacking information about dismissals. But probably that's more of a joke - I am more interested whether the previous employer has a right to disclose this information when contacted by the future employer during the background screening process. In case they have a right to disclose the fact of dismissal, can they babble about the details of the conflict?   The details for the conflict are complex and too much to explain here, but  basically my wife is considering to protest by not performing the service she was contracted for. They will have a full right to cancel the contract and that won't hurt us. But it would not do any good if a future employer would find out that she was fired because she basically refused to perform one of her duties. (And that would be true) In such case she would be fine to settle down for several more months until the contract expires.   Sorry if this sounds vague, I am happy to provide more details.