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  1. *possible   The property also has separate gas boilers for water and heating.  We could get a combi, or consider a ground source heat pump, but the house probably isn't insuated well enough for that. Something we have to research decide on.
  2. Yeah the idea is to do what we can before the move in because it's a perfect opportunity. For pipes I assume we should ask a plumber? And does that also include pipes for the heating that supply the radiators.   I was hoping to hire a surveyor like in the UK who can provide a report on all this stuff,  but that doesn't seem to be paddock in Germany.  Perhaps this would provide me the necessary information regarding electrics, pipes etc: https://www.dekra.de/de/zustandsbewertung-gebaeude/
  3. The building is from 1950. I think I'll take your advice and ask a couple of local electricians. I'll also ask the owner for some information if she has any.
  4. We are in the process of puchasing a new property, and the first consideration for us is if the property needs to be rewired. If so, we would have this done before moving in because it is messy and invasive.   In the UK, it is possible to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) conducted by a registered electriction. The report "assess the safety of the existing electrical installation within a property and is used to describe its condition. Parts of the system that are reported on include consumer units, protective bonding, lighting, switches and sockets etc."   Is there an equivilent to this in Germany?
  5. Hiring a surveyor when purchasing a property

    Well we pulled out of the sale. A friend of ours who runs a roofing company came with us to check the roof, and noted some cracks in one of the outside walls and said it could have been caused by subsidence. She recommended against us purchasing the property. With subsidence, it might be a small easily fixable problem, or it could turn in to an expensive nightmare.   So we'll keep looking, hope interest rate rises are slow, and use this as a learning experience.
  6. Hiring a surveyor when purchasing a property

      Can you provide a link for the regulation? I'm happy to see KfW provide loans and subsides for such efficiency improvements. I have the cash but would prefer not to use it for such things. The interest on the loans looks very low.
  7. Hiring a surveyor when purchasing a property

    Yeah I agree. It seems some reservation fees are used to protect buyer against the seller selling to another party who perhaps offers more money, and protects the seller against the buyer dropping out of the sale. But I shall read it is legally difficult to enforce.   We are using HypoFriend as our mortgage broker and had a video call yesterday in English. We have an offer that gives us a very manageable monthly payment. Interest rates are in my opinion still low (3%).
  8. Hiring a surveyor when purchasing a property

    We are dealing with the seller directly, so no makler salivating in the sidelines. The seller went to see a Notar to discuss the reservation fee and pre-contact, but the Notar said it wouldn't really hold up. The seller just wanted some extra protection because their previous attempt to sell feel through at the last minute due to financing. However they have now dropped the reservation fee idea. We spoke with a mortgage broker today and got a finance bestätigung and sent that to the seller so they can have some peace of mind that we will be approved for a mortgage. My main concern now is the mortgage company disagreeing with the properties market value. We will see. Maybe they don't care when the property is so cheap.   Most people i speak to in Germany really don't see the need for a gutachter. Personally I would not attempt to use the survey results as leverage to get the seller to reduce because it's a seller's market. They'll just refuse and go to the next person in the queue (who probably won't hire a gutachter). I just want to know what issues there are with the property so I can plan accordingly. I'm taking a friend who is a master roofer to look at the property and she can help determine if and when the roof should be replaced.
  9. Hello   We have had an offer accepted on a German house. The seller is not using a Makler and has asked for a 1% reservation fee which essentially means we are committed to buying from them and they are committed to selling to us (regardless of higher offers). The sellers told us it was a first come first serve situation.   The house was built in 1962 and has the original roof. The gas boiler is from 2001. There is a slight slope when moving from one or the rooms to another. I couldn't see any signs of damp or mould but I assume these can be easily hidden. I don't know if subsidence is generally a problem with older houses in this area. It is Ostfriesland so practically a swamp.   I have done some research considering hiring a surveyor in Germany to check the property for major and minor issues. This is quite common in the UK and perhaps costs between 300-1500 depending on the detail of the survey.   Does anyone have experience purchasing a property in Germany and hiring a gutachter to perform a survey?
  10. Ok I have an update, but on a different inheritance from 2018.   My Steuerberater handled everything for me. She correctly calculated the tax and gave me forms to send to the Finanzamt, along with some untranslated supporting documents (Will, summary of accounts). Finanzamt wrote back a few weeks later agreeing on the tax amount, and I paid it. There was no fine for late submission.   The fee is based on the inherited amount and can be viewed here under "Beratungstabelle": https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/stbgebv/BJNR014420981.html   In my case the amount inherited was 60.000 and the Steuerberater fee was around 600€, due to the simplicity of the inheritance.   Regarding the inheritance from this year, the Steuerberater told me to write a letter to the Finanzamt within 3 months of the death informing them of the inheritance, even though I don't yet know the amount I will receive.
  11. Ok so my Steuerberater responded that they can help, so perhaps I'll give a future update when the process is complete for any future visitors.
  12. Thanks straightpoop. I've emailed my Steuerberater and hopefully they can assist me in this matter. It's a very straightforward estate and inheritance so hopefully an inheritance lawyer won't be required.   I also received a class 3 inheritance of £50k in 2019. It didn't occur to me that I'd potentially have to pay inheritance tax in Germany. So hopefully that'll also get sorted.
  13. Hey GaryC. Spot on regarding the NBR and RNBR. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this was the case.  
  14. Hello, I am a UK citizen resident in Germany. My mother passed away recently and as the sole beneficiary of her estate, I stand to inherit around 300k GBP  and a house worth 330k GBP. So approx 630k. For my situation, my tax free allowance in the UK is 1m GBP. Therefore I do not need to pay any inheritance tax.   It just occured to me however I may need to pay inheritance tax in Germany. I found the below link and it would be 15% on everything above 400k €. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erbschaftsteuer_in_Deutschland   I also found some threads on here, but considering Brexit, I'm not sure how valid the information is.   So I am hoping to get some advice on what I need to do with regards to calculating and paying the correct taxes in Germany.   The house was purchased in 1974, so I assume it will not be subject to capital gains tax when I sell it.   Cheers