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  1. Which part of nebenkosten are tax deductible?

    Just received my Betriebs- und Heizkostenabrechnung for 2019 - could someone please tell me which of these costs I can deduct from my taxes? I've bolded the ones that I'm assuming I can deduct but not sure about the other ones. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Grundsteuer Niederschlagswasser Strassenreinigung Müllabfuhr Recycling Hausreinigung Schnee- und. Eisbeseitigung Gartenpflege Hauswart Hausbelechtung Kabelfernsehen Versicherung Sonst. Betribskoten
  2. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Are the standard monthly operating costs that I pay to my housing company able to be added to my 2019 tax returns? Primarily interested in the "Hilfen und Dienstleistungen im Haushalt" section. How would I show proof of this? Something I request from my housing agency or will my apartment contract be enough that lists the operating costs and what it entails?