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  1. Understanding the dials on heaters and boilers

    My flat doesn't need to be heated so I just keep it in the snowflake mode on the dial so the pipes don't freeze. Can someone tell me if leaving it in that * / Snowflake option is costly if I keep it on 24/7? 
  2. I just moved into a new flat and hooked up my TV to the German Public Broadcast system. It seems like I get a decent amount of channels including CNN and BBC - although most are in SD.    I have a few questions regarding German TV:   1) Am I able to change the audio output from German dubbing to the original audio? I searched the forums and it seems that the most recent thread about this topic was back in 2015 where it was told that it is not possible but I am wondering if things have changed since then.    2) The HD channels of the free Public TV channels (Sat 1, ProSieben etc) tells me that "CI+ module or smart card not found. Please check it has been inserted correctly". I found a thread from 2014 saying that if I want to watch these channels that I would need to order a smart card from a cable company. What are my options here and is this affordable? I've looked on several of the popular German companies such as Vodafone but it seems that they all include a media receiver box or are bundled with the internet package.    Thank you!  
  3. Which TV Cable do I purchase?

      But no guarantee that I will be able to receive channels through the SAT output I'm assuming. I guess I will get both the coax cable and the SAT cable to see which works. 
  4. Which TV Cable do I purchase?

    Sorry, pappnase. I made a post a few moments ago saying that I didn't realize that the inputs for TVs in different markets were different. The Samsung TV I have is the German model that I purchased here in Germany. See my most recent posts above for the clarification. It seems like I can't edit my original post. 
  5. Which TV Cable do I purchase?

    And here is the back of the TV: https://imgur.com/a/l6mZCDc   I see the additional cable input now so I am assuming I just need this: https://www.amazon.de/KabelDirekt-Antennenkabel-durchg%C3%A4ngige-Koaxialkabel-Kabelfernsehen-DVB-T/dp/B00SWYTV92/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1547621925&sr=8-4&keywords=tv%2Bantenna%2Bcable&th=1
  6. Which TV Cable do I purchase?

    Sorry, I messed up. Here's a picture of the connections in my wall: https://imgur.com/a/kGfy7yO   Also, I have a German TV and the picture I supplied above is that of an American TV. I completely forgot about the different markets. I didn't take a picture of the inputs in my TV because it's brand new and still in the box!   Hope this helps!
  7. I just moved into a new flat in Berlin and have a flat screen TV with the following inputs: https://imgur.com/a/Dw6aZs6   My wall socket has the following inputs: https://imgur.com/a/Dw6aZs6   In the contract, there is one small section talking about the community antenna system:   "a) des Betriebs der Gemeinschafts-Antennenanlage, hierzu gehören die Kosten des Betriebsstroms und die Kosten der regelmäßigen Prüfung ihrer Betriebsbereitschaft einschließlich der Einstellung durch eine Fachkraft oder das Nutzungsentgelt für eine nicht zu dem Gebäude gehörende Antennenanlage sowie die Gebühren, die nach dem Urheberrechtsgesetz für die Kabelweitersendung entstehen"   Nothing else besides that. So with that in mind, I'm confused on which cable I should buy to be able to watch the public broadcast that I pay 18 euros a month for.    Is it this one? https://www.amazon.de/CSL-Koaxialkabel-Satellitenkabel-Abschirmma%C3%9F-hochdichte-Schwarz/dp/B01DNR7LAS/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1547581833&sr=8-5&keywords=coaxial+cable   Or is it this one? https://www.amazon.de/CSL-Koaxialkabel-Satellitenkabel-Abschirmma%C3%9F-hochdichte-Schwarz/dp/B01K4FXDI6/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1547581833&sr=8-5&keywords=coaxial%2Bcable&th=1   My TV inputs seems to only have the antenna input so not sure about the second one. 
  8. I really appreciate your help, thank you.    So from what you said regarding the 30% to 50% depending on the size of the flat, even if I do not use the heater I will still be charged according to my flat size?
  9. Tenant Protection Insurance in Berlin

      My German is not that great but I have enough German friends where if a problem arises, I can ask for their help.    I would assume that the landlords would not want to go to court either since, as you said, the costs can add up quickly. How often do these disputes go to court anyway? I'm assuming not that often. 
  10. I just recently signed a contract with a flat here in Berlin and I have been told my numerous people that it may be beneficial for me to review the few tenant protection groups that are available here.    From my research online and what I found here on these forums, these are the current tenant protection associations that are available in Berlin:   https://www.berliner-mieterverein.de/ - annual contribution of 108 euros (9 euros a month with legal cost insurance) http://mietervereinigung-berlin.de/startseite_mietervereinigung_berlin.html - 10 euro admission fee with annual contribution of 33 euros (with no legal expenses) https://www.berliner-mieterschutzverein.de/beitragsordnung/ - 7 euro admission fee with annual contribution of 45 euros (with no legal expenses) https://www.bmgev.de/verein/mitgliedschaft.html - 8 euro admission fee with annual contribution of 75 euros (with legal expenses) or 43 euros (with no legal expenses)    I would like clarification that the only times legal expenses would arise is if an agreement cannot be reached with the landlord where one will have to go to court, is that correct? I'm assuming that any disputes between the tenant and the landlord are usually settled fairly quickly with the use of the above services?    I fully understand that similar to any insurance policy, you'll be glad to have had it when you need it. With that in mind, the low annual cost with no legal expense options seems like the best route for me. Does anyone have any experience with the above associations?     
  11. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    I have really tall windows / ceilings and didn't feel like getting a drill so I went to IKEA and bought the shower curtain rod which you don't need to drill. I don't know the right word to use but you can adjust the tension on the rod so you can just hang it between two walls. It's simple!
  12. I recently found an apartment in Berlin and although I had my German friend go over the contract before I signed it, I would like to go back to it and understand the operating / heating cost portion of it since it has started to get cold.    The portion of the contract is below. I have also put it into Google Translate and understand the basics of it except for the section in bold. Could you please explain to me the first sentence in bold? Google Translate says, "At the request of the landlord, the tenant is obliged to conclude a contract with a third party for the supply of heat and hot water." but I am not sure what this means.    In addition, the second bolded paragraph talks about my final billing amount but do not understand how it will be split up. I would like clarification because I come from the United States where I was responsible for my own heating costs and could be as frugal as possible. However, here in Berlin, I read that I may have to share costs with the rest of the building and instead of keeping my radiator on when I need it, I read online that it is better to keep it at level 1 ~ 2 when I am not using it and 3 when I need it warm.    Thank you in advance for your help!   -----------------------   Der Vermieter ist berechtigt, die Wärme und Warmwasserversorgung auf gewerbliche Wärme oder Warmwasserlieferung umzustellen, sofern dies nicht bereits zu Mietbeginn gegeben ist. Nach 1. Nettokaltmiete XXX,XX € 2. Betriebskostenvorschuss XX,XX € 3. Heizkostenvorschuss 80,00 € Insgesamt XXX,XX €   Umstellung ist der Mieter verpflichtet, sämtliche dem Vermieter entstehenden Kosten anteilig zu tragen. Hierzu gehört das Entgelt für die Lieferung der Wärme und des Warmwassers sowie die Kosten des Betriebs der dazugehörigen Hausanlage.   Auf Verlangen des Vermieters ist der Mieter verpflichtet, mit einem Dritten einen Vertrag über die Lieferung von Wärme und Warmwasser abzuschließen.   Über die Vorschüsse auf die Betriebskosten und die Warmwasser und Heizkosten ist jährlich abzurechnen. Bei Beginn und Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses während eines Abrechnungszeitraumes schuldet der Vermieter keine Teilabrechnung; für Zwischenablesungen bei Nutzerwechsel innerhalb des Abrechnungszeitraumes hat der Mieter die hierfür entstehenden Kosten zu tragen, die der Vermieter in die Betriebskostenabrechnung einstellen darf.   Der Umlagemaßstab für die Betriebskosten bestimmt sich wie folgt: Heiz- und Warmwasserkosten werden zu 70% oder 50% nach dem erfassten Wärmeverbrauch der Nutzer, zu 30 % oder 50 % nach Wohnfläche verteilt, Frisch- und Abwasserkosten werden ent- sprechend dem gemessenen Frischwasserverbrauch (nur sofern die Liegenschaft vollständig mit Wasseruhren ausgestattet ist, andernfalls Abrechnung nach Wohnfläche), alle übrigen Kosten wer-den entsprechend der Wohnfläche verteilt.   Soweit auf die Wohnfläche als Umlagemaßstab abgestellt wird, legen die Parteien eine Fläche vonetwa 40 qm zugrunde; im Übrigen ist die Miete nicht auf die Fläche kalkuliert; sollten sich Flächenänderungen ergeben, gelten diese für noch offene Abrechnungszeiträume.   Erhöhen sich die Betriebskosten, so ist der Vermieter berechtigt, eine entsprechende Erhöhung der Vorschüsse zu verlangen.   Der Abrechnungszeitraum ist das Kalenderjahr.  
  13. Getting a German driver's license

    Wow, this is crazy:   Antrag auf Umschreibung (ausl. Führerschein, Dienstführerschein) 13.07.2018
  14. Getting a German driver's license

    It's been little over 2.5 months since I had my appointment to apply for the foreign drivers license exchange. The lady was not clear on when I should go to the Fahrerlaubnisbehörde to pick it up (She said anywhere between 1 to 3 months) so I plan on going tomorrow morning.    I checked the website - https://service.berlin.de/standort/121646/ - and it is supposed to be open from 7:30 AM to 12 PM tomorrow morning. Has anyone recently gone to this office to pick up their license? 
  15. Currently, I am more leaning towards signing up for the 1&1 50 Mbps 24 month contract since they offer the instant start with overnight shipping. I'm not sure I can wait until end of January to have a technician come out to set up my connection.    With that in mind, I know that for the the 24 month contract, it automatically renews for 1 year when it's 3 months before the end of the contract. Is there a way that I can switch to month-to-month before the renewal of the contract or switch to a cheaper 1&1 option?