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  1. My understanding is that they can't just raise the rent like that since there are strong tenant laws in place? 
  2. I received a letter a few months ago about how my the owner of my home has submitted an application to the district office for conversion into condominiums. The owner of my home is a company that owns the whole building and rents it out. Just last week, I received another letter that their application has been approved and my apartment + the whole building will be converted into condominiums.    What should I expect here? I've done some research online and I see that there's usually a 3 year period where the new owners cannot sell my apartment to any potential clients, and even if they do, I get the right of first refusal according to the link I found below.    Information I found here has been useful -  https://www.berliner-mieterverein.de/recht/infoblaetter/info-26-umwandlung-von-mietwohnungen-in-eigentumswohnungen-tipps-und-ratschlaege-zum-mieterschutz.htm   Has anyone gone through something like this before? Is there anything I should expect e.g construction, people visiting the building / apartment etc. 
  3. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    To show proof of B1, does it have to be a B1 certificate from Goethe or can it be proof that one has passed a B1 German Language course? 
  4. Which part of nebenkosten are tax deductible?

    Just received my Betriebs- und Heizkostenabrechnung for 2019 - could someone please tell me which of these costs I can deduct from my taxes? I've bolded the ones that I'm assuming I can deduct but not sure about the other ones. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Grundsteuer Niederschlagswasser Strassenreinigung Müllabfuhr Recycling Hausreinigung Schnee- und. Eisbeseitigung Gartenpflege Hauswart Hausbelechtung Kabelfernsehen Versicherung Sonst. Betribskoten