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  1. How to quit your job in Germany

    I am planning on resigning before the end of this month so I can leave this company by end of September. After I hand in my resignation letter, do I need to inform any government office about this? I already have a job lined up from the week after my planned last day with my current employer.
  2. I’m a 29-year-old American who has been living and working in Berlin for close to 1.5 years now. I’m here on a 3-year work visa (Aufenhaltserlaubnis 18 Abs.4.S.1 and 78a Abs.1) with the stipulation that the first 2 years of the visa are tied to my place of employment and after the 2nd year I am free to be employed anywhere without having to be sponsored.   I still have about half a year left on my current work visa to be able to freely go work at another company. However, I recently received an official indefinite contract (6 month probation) with a company here in Germany with a salary that is over the current amount that is required for the Blue Card. First question is - I am still eligible to apply for the EU Blue Card with the 6 month probation as part of my contract?   I just made an appointment with the local office that handles EU Blue Cards but the appointment is nearly 4 months away and my new job is supposed to start in 3. Is there a way to get an appointment earlier by going directly to the office and waiting? I know that it is possible to see if any appointments open up by checking the site early in the morning. What is the best way to proceed here?   I have never switched a job here in Germany so I am not sure on how to proceed once I put in my official resignation with my current employer. There will be no gap between my current employer and my new one and I intend to have my last day coincide with my first day at the new company. Do I need to report my resignation to any government office? How can I apply for the appropriate work visa that will allow me to work with this new company? Thank you!    
  3. Thank you everyone for your help so far.   Is it advisable to mention to my current employer that I already have an offer signed with my new company? Since I will potentially be with my current employer for the next few months, it would be better for me if I am not required to disclose where I plan on going.
  4. So the suggested steps are as follows: Inform new employer of an October 1st start date Sign the official contract Inform my current employer and submit my resignation letter Negotiate last day at my current employer Inform new employer and make amendments to start date in contract if necessary I have one big concern - when I spoke with my new employer, they were pretty adamant on getting me in with a start date of 1 to 2 months out with 3 months being okay. Of course with any new hire, a business would like to get that person in sooner than later. I'm worried that if I provide my new employer of my October 1st requested start date that they will balk and rescind my job offer. How should I go about this?
  5. That's a useful link, thank you for sharing!   Another question - my current contract with my employer has a 3 month notice period. How does this process work? If I inform my manager today on June 4th that I am putting in my 3 months, can I have my last day be September 4th? My contract states: The employment relationship can be terminated by both parties under observance of a 3 month period of notice to the end of the month.   I'm assuming that with that wording, if I put in my resignation today, I will have to work through September and my first day at the new employer being October 1st?
  6. I thought that after half a year - you are entitled to your full vacation that you have left.
  7. Okay, so you are telling me that I should sign the official contract that I receive from my new employer before informing my current employer that I will be putting in my 3 month notice?   When I spoke with my new employer, they told me that they would prefer me to start within a month or two but would understand if my current employer is not flexible with the 3 month notice period. I'm worried that if I tell my new employer about my non flexible 3 month notice period, then they will rescind my offer.   Also, what happens with my remaining 25 days of vacation? I guess I could use some of it to leave my current employer earlier?
  8. I have been with my current employer in Germany for 1.5 years and I recently went through a round of interviews and received a verbal offer from the new employer along with an offer letter stating the following:   Contract Length starting on X Date Annual Salary amount Vacation Days Position details such as the number of hours per week, the notice period, and the length of the probation period   This is not an official contract but rather the offer letter. Since I am currently on a 3 month notice period at work and have yet to inform my current employer that I will be putting in my notice, I do not have a finalized last day at my current position yet. With that in mind, my new employer told me that once I have that date finalized, they will be able to include it in the contract and have it sent to me.   How do I best proceed here and am I missing anything? Do I inform my current employer that I will be putting in my 3 month notice period? What happens to my 25 days of vacation that I have for this year? Are there any other small details that I should ask before I put in my 3 month notice period that is not mentioned in the offer letter from the new employer?    
  9. I’m a 29-year-old American who has been living and working in Berlin for close to 1.5 years now. I’m here on a 3-year work visa (Aufenhaltserlaubnis 18 Abs.4.S.1 and 78a Abs.1) with the stipulation that the first 2 years of the visa are tied to my place of employment and after the 2nd year I am free to be employed anywhere without having to be sponsored.     The company that I work for is not doing so well and I expect there to be severe cuts within the next few weeks or even declaring insolvency by the end of the year. With this in mind, I would like to understand the full work visa and residence permit situation for a non-EU citizen who wishes to reside in Germany before any of these potential issues occur.   Since I have been working for this company for over a year and paying social benefits while on a permanent contract with a 3 month notice, my understanding is that I am entitled to unemployment benefits as long as I inform the employment agency in my area - https://www.berlin.de/willkommenszentrum/en/work-and-education/unemployment/   The above link states that “Those who lose their job and have been in employment subject to compulsory insurance for at least twelve months in the previous two years receive unemployment benefit I for the duration of up to one year” – how do they determine how long I will receive unemployment benefits for? I am assuming that I am eligible to stay in Berlin for the duration that I am receiving unemployment benefits for?   However, I have read that since my work visa is tied to my employer, I am not eligible to receive Arbeitslosengeld I since I do not have an open work permit. Is this the case?   Is it correct that even if I inform the local employment agency of my unemployment, I still need to contact the Ausländerbehörde to inform them of my situation since my work visa is tied to my employer? How will the Ausländerbehörde determine how long I can stay in Berlin for? What is the grace period from when I am officially unemployed to when I would have to leave Germany by if I do not inform the employment or foreigner agency?   Worst case scenario where I am nearing the end of the unemployment benefits and/or residence permit validity and I am unable to secure a job, what are my options then? From my research I can search for temp work, volunteer work, become a student, get married etc. I don’t foresee being unemployed for a long time but I would like to have a full understanding of my potential options. Thank you in advance for your help.  
  10. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    I have a very basic tax question for year 2018. I only worked at one employer and have nothing to declare. I received the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung and put all the information down in SteuerGo. They are saying that I am going to receive a 1000 euro refund however this does not seem correct. I was always in the correct tax class and everything was automatically deducted from my pay check. Am I missing something here?   I wasn't even planning on filing my taxes since I was told that it would not make sense for someone in my situation.
  11.   It's there on the front below my birthdate I think
  12. mine expires in 15 years
  13. Just recently switched my US license to a German one. They would not budge on letting me keep the US one and when I asked them what happens to my US license, they told me they would ship it back to my state.
  14. Understanding the dials on heaters and boilers

    My flat doesn't need to be heated so I just keep it in the snowflake mode on the dial so the pipes don't freeze. Can someone tell me if leaving it in that * / Snowflake option is costly if I keep it on 24/7? 
  15. I just moved into a new flat and hooked up my TV to the German Public Broadcast system. It seems like I get a decent amount of channels including CNN and BBC - although most are in SD.    I have a few questions regarding German TV:   1) Am I able to change the audio output from German dubbing to the original audio? I searched the forums and it seems that the most recent thread about this topic was back in 2015 where it was told that it is not possible but I am wondering if things have changed since then.    2) The HD channels of the free Public TV channels (Sat 1, ProSieben etc) tells me that "CI+ module or smart card not found. Please check it has been inserted correctly". I found a thread from 2014 saying that if I want to watch these channels that I would need to order a smart card from a cable company. What are my options here and is this affordable? I've looked on several of the popular German companies such as Vodafone but it seems that they all include a media receiver box or are bundled with the internet package.    Thank you!