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  1. Property managment in Berlin recomendation needed

      Thanks, unfortunately they don't seem to be in Berlin though
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a property management service in Berlin that can take care of a rented flat. I would hope that they could take care of everything: repairs, checking documents from the Hausverwaltung,  deal with tenants and obviously speak English. Is there such a thing? Anyone reliable?   Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I'm in the process of selling a flat, the buyers is getting a loan and the bank as told him I should provide them with some documents, including the "Aktuelle Flurkarte". From what I know this is not something that is usually requested to sell a flat, just something the bank wants. Also I'm slightly confused, is this one document for the whole building or specific for my unit? I've been told it should officially be requested at the bezirksamt-neukoelln but to I've emailed them to no avail.   Anyone could help me understand a bit more about this?   Thanks
  4. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    Thank you so much. Yes, there are a few things to sort out but I figured I'll do it once and learn whatever there's to be learned. I'm not a big fan of real estate agents honestly
  5. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    Also I don't understand, it gives me the option to have the owner's details but then it's for the whole building, so how is it linked in any way to my property of the flat?
  6. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    I don't know in this case who usually takes care of this but the bank told the buyer that I should request the following:   - Vollständiger aktueller Grundbuchauszug - Aktuelle Flurkarte/Lageplan    
  7. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

      I think the bank wants the one with the stamp on it and maybe I'm the only one entitled to order it?
  8. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

      I'm trying to order it but it's so incredibly confusing. I'm guessing that's what the bank would need? See attachment.  
  9. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    But it seems to me like in Berlin in needs to be requested for a fee. I'm confused as to why this is if it's a public record. Isn't it the same as what you can print here yourself?
  10. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    very helpful, thanks!
  11. Hi, I've been asked to provide  "a copy of your deregistration form ("permanenter Auslandsumzug") to cancel an internet contract. Has anyone ever seen one of these? Can't find any examples online of this certificate.   Thanks
  12. deregistraion form - permanenter Auslandsumzug

      haha yeah it is, but apparently is just the abmeldung, I hadn't realized it was the same thing honestly
  13. deregistraion form - permanenter Auslandsumzug

    Thanks. It looks like it's the normal Abmeldung, which I didn't know you could only get when you stopped having a flat in Germany (which makes sense I guess, you'd just get a new Anmeldung otherwise).
  14. deregistraion form - permanenter Auslandsumzug

    Possibly. But probably won't be able to get one of those since I'll keep a registered address in Germany.  It's just not a document I've ever seen so I was wondering what it was.