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  1. 2 hours ago, mtbiking said:

    As long as you have a contract, I don't think the Finanzamt cares whether the rent was paid in cash and where you keep it - only that you declare it. I was never asked for proof that my rental income is reaching my account. It may well be that a Professional like PandaMunich will school me though :P

    What if you don't have a contract, just a vocal agreement? Any difference for the finanzamt?


  2. A friend has been paying me rent in cash, which I haven't put in the bank yet. I was wondering if I was to deposit it next year, would it be an issue for my future tax declaration (offsetting expenses for that flat against that income). So the expenses are for this year and the income will be declared on this year's tax declaration but I guess the date of the deposit would be in the following fiscal year, as I'm abroad and won't be able to do the deposit before the end of the year.

    A bit of a peculiar situation but It was pretty dumb not to think about this before...


  3. 3 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    I don't see how they could if you are renting to them with a proper rental contract stating that they are liable for the gas bill.


    Do they pay their rent on time and in full?

    Yeah. I just wanted to double check for as absurd as it would have been, you never know.


  4. Hi,

    turns out a tenant of mine has a huge debt with the gas company for gas consumption in my flat (they didn't realize for ages) and he kept not paying. The bills are in his name but could the Gas company eventually come after me for the money if he refuses to pay?







  5. Hi, I'm looking for a property management service in Berlin that can take care of a rented flat. I would hope that they could take care of everything: repairs, checking documents from the Hausverwaltung,  deal with tenants and obviously speak English. Is there such a thing? Anyone reliable?


    Thanks in advance


  6. 16 minutes ago, murphaph said:

    I guess it is the same except it has a stamp on it. Honestly you shouldn't waste your money on this. It's public record so just give the prospective buyer the links above and let them buy an "official" one or print one off from the net for free. 


    I think the bank wants the one with the stamp on it and maybe I'm the only one entitled to order it?


  7. 4 hours ago, murphaph said:

    A Flurkarte is a map of the Flur your building is located in. Your building will be on a piece or multiple pieces of land called Grundstück(e) and the Grundstücke in the area all belong to a numbered Flur.


    In Brandenburg we can go online and print off a copy of the Flurkarte. I wouldn't be going to too much effort here. The buyer can do this themselves. It's an entirely public document.

    But it seems to me like in Berlin in needs to be requested for a fee. I'm confused as to why this is if it's a public record. Isn't it the same as what you can print here yourself?


  8. Hi,

    I'm in the process of selling a flat, the buyers is getting a loan and the bank as told him I should provide them with some documents, including the "Aktuelle Flurkarte".

    From what I know this is not something that is usually requested to sell a flat, just something the bank wants. Also I'm slightly confused, is this one document for the whole building or specific for my unit?
    I've been told it should officially be requested at the bezirksamt-neukoelln but to I've emailed them to no avail.


    Anyone could help me understand a bit more about this?



  9. On 04/02/2021, 13:09:34, LeonG said:


    Is that what the lawyer said?  Did your brother join Haus & Grund and ask them?

    Sorry I missed this. Well he can't, there's a rental cap in place in Berlin now, the rent allowed for that flat is as low as it is now. We calculated it following the various parameters provided.



  10. On 2/3/2021, 10:29:21, maxie said:

    If the room she rents out is furnished, the Mietpreisbremse does not apply. It can apply for furnished accommodation, but not if you are renting out a single room 

    Mietpreisbremse umgehen – Schlupflöcher bei möblierten Wohnungen (

    • Daneben müssen sich auch Immobilieneigentümer nicht an die Mietpreisobergrenze halten, die ein möbliertes Zimmer vermieten, das sich innerhalb ihrer eigenen Wohnung befindet. Das legt das BGB im § 549 Abs. 1 und 2 fest


    Isn't this absurd though? Landlord is restricted on whole flat rental price but tenant can split it up in furnished rooms and charge as much as he pleases? Can't be right! :)


  11. On 2/2/2021, 4:53:00, karin_brenig said:

    well, if "sub-tenant" can't even produce a valid contract as proof of his/her legitimate stay in that apartment, then it should be real easy to have them evicted.

    We have the sublet contract, the roommate gave it to my brother.


  12. On 2/2/2021, 9:50:36, catjones said:


    I just think the OP is running with innuendo and supposition.  His brother "believes" the tenant is gone because he doesn't see her.  Unless he lives next door, he must be spying on her to know that.  Chatting up the sub-tenant and pumping him for info, the whole situation sounds a little pervy to me.  

    yeah she simply is never there whenever there's an appointment of any kind for fixing stuff or meter readings, it's always the roommates. I get it that this doesn't prove anything, it is still a feeling that she's never there.