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  1. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

        Amazing, thank you so much, that's what I thought but great that I asked you since I had been told otherwise. 
  2. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    I would also just like to confirm also the information I got on the Elster forum regarding the Gebäudeart.  This is also a bit confusing as it seems to me like they are asking "type of building" but I should answer only based on my property type. So I would have thought the right answer would be "Gemischt genutzte Grundstücke (Wohnhäuser mit Mischnutzung)" as it's a commercial space on the ground floor of a residentail building but apparently I should instead put in Bürogebäude because it's used as an office? Sorry that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me but it's what I understood on the other forum and I want to double check here since @PandaMunich seems to always know and explain things really clearly. Thanks. 
  3. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    Of course the administration doesn't have those numbers.. so I'll have to go with 1.55 * Nutzfläche. 
  4. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    Thanks Panda, this if finally clear now. I have a pdf of the whole ground floor with measurements so I think that would be enough to calculate Nutzfläche and Konstruktionsgrundfläche (which is the total area taken by inner and outer walls if I understood correctly).   I would then need to ask the administration for the total_staircase_area and heating_room_area in order to calculate the remaining to values to add (Verkehrsfläche and Technikfläche). Sum the four values and that should be it, and hopefully lower than 1.55 * Nutzfläche. 
  5. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    On the Elster forum the info I got is that:   For the other commercial properties and mixed-use properties , a conversion factor of 1.55 times the living and usable area (living area of the apartments and the usable area of the commercial units, but without a basement) can be used as an aid to determine the gross floor area.   But what classifies the usable area of a commercial unit then? If I understood correctly Panda is saying that is everything, including the outer walls. I thought it was only the space that is used for retail but that's just based on how I saw commercial properties advertised, where sometimes the front rooms size is classified as "Nutzflasche" and the rest isn't (say bathroom or a storage room). 
  6. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    Sorry I stil don't get it. :(   The factor would stay the same though so if I was to measure the size of the unit the square meteres would be somehow less then the size stated on the purchase contract? 
  7. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    Thanks Panda, that screenshot was posted by me on the Elster forum! I didn't get to a definitive answer though and sorry, I did repost here today (and in that thread) without realising my original post also contained a question (whole building or not) which was indeed answered on the Elster forum thread.    As for the multiplication factor and Nutzflasche, as you can see in that thread, I hadn't understood completely. The user there originally suggested using a factor of 1.5. but I guess it's 1.55, as for a flat. And as for the Nutzfläche, I thought in the case of a shop the Nutzfläche wasn't exactly the whole square meters of the property, but from what you're saying it is, including everything (bathroom corridor etc.).  Why are you saying that if I was to measure it myself it would be in my favour / smaller?     
  8. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    @PandaMunich do you happen to have any idea about this? Can't seem to find anyone online who has done this successfully and even my accountant, who's usually very well informed, said this information should come from me even if they were filing the declaration on my behalf.. 
  9. Grundsteuererklärung - Teileigentum: Bruttogrundfläche

    Just checking again if anyone has dealt with this here.. it seems like there's no straight way to determine this.. it's absolutely confusing...
  10. Grundsteuerreform

    has anyone here successfully done it for a Gewerbe in a residential building?  
  11. Update of Nebenkosten based on Wirtschaftsplan

    Ok cool thanks, I will send the communication of the new amount together with the Jahresabrechnung for last year and that should be it then.
  12. Update of Nebenkosten based on Wirtschaftsplan

    I agree, I was just wondering if I could simply communicate to them that it's going up and that's all (explaining why of course). As in, if I'm entitled to do that since the contract states a different amount.
  13. Hi, I wanted to check if it's possible to update the Nebenkosten payments requested to a tenant based on the Wirtschaftsplan for the year about to come. The Hausgeld is going up considerably in 2023 and I can see already in the Wirtschaftsplan that the portion of "Umlagefähige Kosten" (the part of the Hausgeld that the tenant has to pay) is a lot higher than what he will be paying. So instead of having to wait until the end of 2024 to ask back for a big sum I would rather update his payments so that they match the reality of the Hausgeld I'm paying each month. Hope this makes sense and thanks!
  14. Has anyone here dealt with the  Grundsteuerreform declaration for a Teileigentum? I specifically own a commercial space on the ground floor of a residential building and I'm trying to complete the GW2 form on Elster .    The information I'm asked is the "Bruttogrundfläche (m²)" and someone on the Elster forum suggested that it should be calculated as indicated on section 8 of the following article:   I'm not sure I get the whole picture though. Is this for the whole building or only for my unit?  And also, how does a residential building with shops at the bottom classify? Mixed use?   Any indication from someone who's already encountered this would be really helpful.    I'm attaching a screenshot from Elster.  Thanks in advance
  15. Grundsteuerreform

    Ok thanks, yeah I mean it's mostly done, but I definitely need help for this one thing (Bruttogrundfläche). Definitely don't wanna file a wrong declaration!  Thanks for your help so far though.   I don't think a lot of people here will have had experience with this particular thing but I might post about this in another thread to see if someone actually does..