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  1. Deposit of rent received in cash for previous year

    So It would be fine to go to the bank and deposit a sum that is from rent earned the year before and obviously declared that for the year it was received? It doesn't matter that the deposit is made the following year?
  2. Deposit of rent received in cash for previous year

    What if you don't have a contract, just a vocal agreement? Any difference for the finanzamt?
  3. Deposit of rent received in cash for previous year

    My doubt was mostly if I was to put it in the bank later on, if that would be an issue. Just cause the money was received in the previous year but it would show on the bank account in the following one. I know I can keep it at home but it's a bit easier to have it in the bank  
  4. A friend has been paying me rent in cash, which I haven't put in the bank yet. I was wondering if I was to deposit it next year, would it be an issue for my future tax declaration (offsetting expenses for that flat against that income). So the expenses are for this year and the income will be declared on this year's tax declaration but I guess the date of the deposit would be in the following fiscal year, as I'm abroad and won't be able to do the deposit before the end of the year.   A bit of a peculiar situation but It was pretty dumb not to think about this before...
  5. tenant huge gas bill

    Thank you!
  6. tenant huge gas bill

    Yeah. I just wanted to double check for as absurd as it would have been, you never know.
  7. tenant huge gas bill

    Hi, turns out a tenant of mine has a huge debt with the gas company for gas consumption in my flat (they didn't realize for ages) and he kept not paying. The bills are in his name but could the Gas company eventually come after me for the money if he refuses to pay?   Thanks      
  8. Property managment in Berlin recomendation needed

      Thanks, unfortunately they don't seem to be in Berlin though
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a property management service in Berlin that can take care of a rented flat. I would hope that they could take care of everything: repairs, checking documents from the Hausverwaltung,  deal with tenants and obviously speak English. Is there such a thing? Anyone reliable?   Thanks in advance
  10. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    Thank you so much. Yes, there are a few things to sort out but I figured I'll do it once and learn whatever there's to be learned. I'm not a big fan of real estate agents honestly
  11. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    Also I don't understand, it gives me the option to have the owner's details but then it's for the whole building, so how is it linked in any way to my property of the flat?
  12. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    I don't know in this case who usually takes care of this but the bank told the buyer that I should request the following:   - Vollständiger aktueller Grundbuchauszug - Aktuelle Flurkarte/Lageplan    
  13. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

      I think the bank wants the one with the stamp on it and maybe I'm the only one entitled to order it?
  14. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

      I'm trying to order it but it's so incredibly confusing. I'm guessing that's what the bank would need? See attachment.  
  15. Aktuelle Flurkarte - For flat sale

    But it seems to me like in Berlin in needs to be requested for a fee. I'm confused as to why this is if it's a public record. Isn't it the same as what you can print here yourself?