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  1. Grundsteuerreform

    Unrelated to the topic but I'm seeing a lot of posts appear twice or 3 times. It also happened to me and I reported my own post for it to be deleted.. I wonder why this is happening though
  2. Grundsteuerreform

      Ok lol I guess I should have tried that! Sorry and thanks  
  3. Grundsteuerreform

      Hi, thanks Shenandoah. Could you upload it somewhere and send a link? (Google drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer..). That would be really appreciated. I'm stuck because of those few doubts I expressed above but no one here seems to know what the answer to those is  
  4. Grundsteuerreform

      I get an "Access denied. You do not have permission to access this page." message.  
  5. Grundsteuerreform

      Anyone got anywhere with this one by any chance?
  6. Grundsteuerreform

    I'm totally confused about this also:    3 - Angaben zu den Wohn- und Nutzflächen Bei Ein- und Zweifamilienhäusern und bei Wohnungseigentum: Tragen Sie die Wohn- und Nutzfläche insgesamt ein. Bei Mietwohngrundstücken: Geben Sie bitte nur die Wohnfläche an und tragen die Nutzflächen zusätzlich im Abschnitt "Bei Mietwohngrundstücken: weitere Nutzflächen, die keine Wohnflächen sind" ein.   Mine is a Teilegentum in a residential building that has a few commercial spaces on the ground floor. I'm really not sure what I should do here. I already told them how big my property is... and it's not a Wohnung..    Could it be: Weitere Wohnräume, die nicht in Zeilen 11 bis 13 enthalten sind    ?    In the help in doesn't mention anything about Teilegentum so I'm not sure this is right..   
  7. Grundsteuerreform

      Thanks Panda, that did it. 
  8. Grundsteuerreform

    I think I also screwed up at the beginning, in the Anlagenauswahl, as I only selected GW1 and I think also GW2 had to be selected. Can't seem to find a way to go back and correct that though...     
  9. Grundsteuerreform

    I'm having a go at Elster and I already got a question:   Enthalten in der/den in Anlage Grundstück, Zeile 4 angegebenen Fläche(n) des (Teil-)Grundstücks:   Does anyone know what this one is? 
  10. Grundsteuerreform

      Thanks Panda, I guess I'll need to use Elster for that one then. It seemed extremely more complicated though I had a quick look and there were several thing I didn't know the answer to.  On everything is very clear and well explained. 
  11. Grundsteuerreform

    Does anyone know if it's fine to use for the declaration of a commercial space (office) in a residential building?   
  12. Grundsteuerreform

      Great thanks, I don't seem to be paying that, at least if it's paid directly and not through the Hausgeld.  
  13. Grundsteuerreform

    I also wanted to double check this one specific question which is:    Do the land and the building have the same owners? We ask this to find out whether your building is on someone else's land or whether the heritable building right to the property applies to you.   I'm guessing the answer is in most cases: Yes, the building and the property have the same owners   Does anyone know if this could be different in normal old residential buildings? 
  14. Grundsteuerreform

      Thank you so much for this link. It looks indeed a lot easier than Elster, which I only had a look at and found extremely difficult.  I seem to have been able to file a declaration and ID myself with the Elster credential (I guess it's now possible due to the update you mentioned).    It's odd that this is the only place where I've found this link, also on the Berlin Grundsteuer website there's no mention of it. Do you know if this can be used for more than one property though? I also own a Gewerbe in a residential building apart from the flat I live in. 
  15. Tenant subletting for profit

    There hasn't been any development on this and Haus und Grund wasn't helpful at all. I think if someone was allowed to sublet a room for the cost of the whole flat this basically creates a loophole that allows a tenant to sublet the whole flat indefinitely and keep the contract in their name without living in the flat. They just need to keep a room empty since there's no way to prove they effectively don't live there... I don't know but it seems weird to me that that's just how it is