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  1. Is KSK worth it for me?

    Hi,   As I'm approaching my one-year Berlinniversary, my situation keeps rapidly changing. That's great, but I'm also constantly filled with new questions.   My question now is about KSK, whether it's worth it for me or not and what are the pros and cons. I already know a lot about the application process, so I'm looking for a bit of advice more than information about that.   So, here's my situation: - EU Citizen, no previous record of being in the public system in the EU, so I'm currently using a private insurance with a €1000/mo deductible (which is insane) - Under 30 - Have a BFA degree in Theater/Creative Writing - Full-time freelancer and Kleinunternehmer (if things keep going this well next year, however, I may not be a Kleinuternehmer anymore) - Most of my current jobs are somewhat related to my field, except for modeling. I'm a coach/mentor for artists and students and I also write (but that may fall more into the 'marketing' area, as the material is usually posted online) - Once in a while I earn money as a performer, but most of my gigs are unpaid, or paid very little. But I have a lot of documentation from that, which can help with my KSK app. - May want to pursue a Master's degree in the near future, but not sure - Not planning on having kids at least for the next decade   So, my big questions are: 1. Can I join the KSK with my current professions? Are they 'artistic' enough? 2. Is it worth it? From what I looked up, I'd be paying around €60 more than I would if I stuck with private insurance. I know that price will go up as I get older and that €1000 deductible is not nice at all (I can't REALLY use my insurance huh), but I don't really feel super settled in Berlin yet. It would be nice to pay into a pension scheme, because I do worry about what to do when I'm older, but what if I move in the next 1-2 years? On the other hand, I would like to go to the doctor and not have to pay out of pocket.   I appreciate any insights on this!   Thanks in advance.
  2. Freiberufler, Gewerbe or what?

    @someonesdaughter I hope you don't mind me abusing your knowledge about this subject, but I haven't found posts on this forum that fit my situation specifically.   In the process of registering as a Gewerbe (concomitantly as a Freiberufler): - It is my understanding that I need to register at the Gewerbeamt first, correct? - Do I need to fill out a second "Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung"? And if so, how can I fill it out in a way that doesn't cancel my already-registered freiberuflich activities?   Thanks again!
  3. Freiberufler, Gewerbe or what?

    Thank you @someonesdaughter !!
  4. Freiberufler, Gewerbe or what?

      Not quite sure I follow this...I can have one mini-job or whatever non-freelance job that pays up to €450 a month and the rest has to be freelance work, correct?   Thanks again for taking the time!
  5. Freiberufler, Gewerbe or what?

    Hi there,   I think I made a mess out of my situation because I've been repeatedly misinformed about what exactly I need to/can do. I've been living here for 7 months and I need help making sure I'm doing everything right.   - I am a performer/writer with a Bachelor's degree in my area. - I am a coach for Brazilian students applying to art schools. I do this through Skype and am paid in R$ (it isn't possible to be paid in EUR). The amounts are usually very little (under €350) and I use that money to pay for my rent directly through TransferWise (doesn't go through my German bank account) - I'm registered at the Finanzamt as "Darstellende Künstlerin" (Freiberufler) - which I'm assuming can include the activity above, as well as any other modeling work that I've done?   Now the mess:   I just started working as a PubCrawl leader for a very small company and they want me to send Rechnungen to get paid. However, I read online that "tour guides" need a Gewerbeschein. I'm not autonomous in this position, and my boss for this job told me I don't need a Gewerbeschein. Can someone please clarify this for me?   I signed a contract to do a minijob that is somewhat-related to my field (wardrobe crew), but it is still a regular minijob contract. Is this allowed?   Is there a monthly amount that I can receive as a "gift" and not have to declare it?   When my Mitbewohner sends me his share of the rent, do I need to give him a Rechnung?   And lastly,   I am hoping to join the KSK in the near future. Will this coaching job I mentioned above or even the minijob count towards artistic activity?     Thank you so much for your help! As you can see I'm really struggling and because of my super low income I can't really afford a Steuerberater right now.