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  1. Double Household tax relief for house abroad Germany

    ok thankyou for your response
  2. Double Household tax relief for house abroad Germany

    In total over the last year I have spent more than a month in Australia. And also my girlfriend used to live there. Is that still not enough to show that the centre of my life was in the other household ?
  3. Hey Guys, I am from Australia and planning to file my first income tax returns in Germany for year 2019. I read that I can claim tax returns for double household for my house in Australia. My girlfriend still used to live in Australia and she just moved to Germany this year with me. I have flown back and forth Australia 2 times last year and ticket cost was around 800€ per trip. Can I claim this back while filling my tax return ? Also can the rent that I used to pay in Australia for my second home be claimed back ? And if so how do I submit the proof ? Is my rental agreement enough ? And also do I need anything other than flight tickets to as proof for the flight ?   Thanks in advance    
  4. Student Tax returns and other claims

    Thankyou so much. That cleared up my doubts. :)
  5. Student Tax returns and other claims

    Hello Guys, I would really appreciate it if I can get some advice on my current tax situation. I came to Germany as an international student in 2018 for doing my Masters. During my study I used to pay a monthly insurance amount of around 90€ and also used to take semester tickets for my daily transportation and all. In 2018 I completed my studies and found a job. So currently I am working full time at a company.   I was starting to think about filing my tax returns for the year 2019 now and I am having a few questions: 1. Should I start with filing the tax returns for 2018 when I was a student ? I had no income when I was a student but i still used to pay for insurance and things.     Will it have any impact on my tax return for 2019 ?   2. In the year 2019 I used my car to to go work. It is my private car and I was wondering if I can add my car insurance to inside somewhere in my tax return ?   Thanks in advance!