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  1. Process of property purchase?

    Thank you for your reply. It is of great help. I hope someone else can give me some information of the usual procedure.
  2. Process of property purchase?

    Hi,   I have a few questions about the process of buying a property and wonder if anyone can help.   I know the process up to signing the contract at a notary and then the notary receives the payment for the property. What happens after that?   Q1. When does the notar transfer the money to the seller? Q2. Also when does the the buyer receive the key to the property? Q3. When does the Makler receive the Provision? After handing the key or before? Q4. How long does it take before a property is registered to the buyer's name in the Grundbuchamt?   Thank you all for reading!
  3. Is a Gutacher the same as a surveyor in the UK? I have had full surveyor reports in the UK before by some of the top surveyors. They were a total waste of time and money in my opinion. The main objective of the surveyor is to save their back against any legal action against the information they provide! So they add the words "might be, maybe, could be" before every other sentence. I am of course interested in an experts opinion especially the legal matters and I'm looking for one. how much do Gutachers charge? And do they check the contract and check with the council for any future plans affecting the property?
  4. I like this way of thinking! Sometimes it is very applicable to certain situations.   A side question, do you pay the makler commission before the signing the contract at the notar or after? The makler told me I have to pay it before, I remember him saying to me before that he will send me the bill for the commission after the purchase.
  5. Thank you everyone for the advice. I really appreciate it. My concern is not the buildings condition. it doesn't matter how bad it is to me. I'm more concerned about other problems like darsvedar mentioned or other similar tricks which I can't verify myself. Who can I go to check these things for me? Can I trust a lawyer to carry out all of the necessary checks for me in the contract and the legal checks of the house? The house is a terraced house. the 2 adjacent houses seem to be empty or neglected. I'm also concerned about having to repair things for others not only the house itself!
  6. Hi, I'm about to sign a contract for a house purchase and I need advice as I'm a little scared, confused and clueless. I found the house for sale on immobilienscout24, the price is very low in the region of €11000 and is being marketed by makler of a national bank (e.g. sparkasse) + a high commision, more than half of the price. I viewed the house and thought the reason for the low price could be because the house is not in good condition and it is not close to any major city. Although a train station and supermarkets are in the town. When I asked for an English speaking Notar for the purchase, the makler told me prefers a different Notar that he uses who has experience in bankruptcy insolvenicies. When I read the draft contract, I saw that it was being sold by an insolvency lawyer on behalf of the owner who bought it originally in 2013 and the insolvency started in 2017. I have never bought a property in Germany and never bought a property that is being sold because of bankruptcy.   My question is, does this sound legitimate? What kind of fraud could be in such a deal that I need to watch out for?   Are maklers of national banks trustworthy? I feel somewhat safer dealing with them when they are bearing the name of a national bank.   Who can I go to for competent and honest advice regarding such a purchase? becuase I don't want to waste money and time with random solicitors to find out at the end that they don't have enough experience on this matter to find all the pitfalls.   Thank you so much for reading, any advice will be highly apprecited !  
  7. Estate Agent Exclusivity Contract, what is it?

    Thank you all much for your reply. I asked the makler and he confirmed it is the agreement to buy that particular property through him only. I had to accept that to expose the address of the property.
  8. Hi,   I read in one website that it is advised not yo sign an exclusivity contract with one estate agent. What does that mean?   I contacted an estate agent from estate agency of a high street bank to view a house, but he sent me a link and I have to agree something before he can agree to show me the property. There was cancellation policy which is 14 days as well.   Is this a normal practice?   I'm new to this.   If I sign a contract with an estate agent, can I go to another agent to buy a different house?   Thank you!