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  1. US Student Debt Repayment Assistance by Employer

      Thanks Brockman, I figured as much, but I'm glad to know how it is.   I work directly for one of the three bosses, who is very open and understanding. He knows about my US student loans. I am able to repay debts and bills, and live a decent quality of life with my current salary. The point is that I'm being paid well below my market value, which can be backed up by the fact that the job, team, company direction have shifted since I started, but I've been able to bring out my underestimated skills to keep everything under control. My reviews are always stellar and other teams consider me a valuable asset. I also invested my own money and time in certifications that directly impact my role and the company has intentions to use my new skills. I'd also like some ROI for that.   I think the case is closed on the fact that "student debt assistance" is a US-specific benefit, and an unnecessary complication.   Thank you everyone for your input, I won't be wasting my company's time bringing it up   Side discussion though: if leveraging my market value for a raise isn't the German way, is switching companies the only way to get the pay bump I deserve?
  2. Hello everyone,   I am a US citizen, bearing US student debt, living and working full-time in Berlin. I am fortunate to have found a very good job, at a very good company, which comes with income and covers my visa problems. I have well settled into Berlin finally, but I am dissatisfied with my financial compensation at the company.   I have a contract renewal meeting soon, and I will be asking for a raise, but this topic is not about "how to get a raise."   I know that paying an employee a higher salary means that the employer also needs to pay extra stuff in the background (insurances, social benefits, etc.)   If I were to propose a lower salary raise, but assistance in paying back my student loans (roughly 150 USD per month, maybe 200+ USD starting next year), would this something that a German employer would consider? I know it's a bit unorthodox but I was hoping this could be an interesting offer to make to my employer. If not, I'd be asking for the salary I think I deserve, which may not be as attractive an option.   I'd love your input on the matter!