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  1. there is one Turkish Salon on Landwherstrasse, if you are coming from Karlsplatz S-bahn, as soon as you see Landsherstrasse turn right just after the Barbershop, there is a salon(Ididn't remember the name) Its on the left side. She does the eyebrows(Threading) charges 5Euros. She is very good. Hope this helps.


  2. I need a tourist visa for Czech Republic, I have been trying to call their embassy(munich) its my badluck :( or something i couldn't get hold of them, I just need to ask them what r the required documents to produce and how long does it take to get the visa etc., If someone already gone through this procedure please post some suggestions!!


  3. Hai, I was told my friend that there is a TIMBERLAND shoe outlet in Munich, but she didn't give me any details. But she mentioned that, they sell shoes for very less price. If anyone could tell me the address and location. Input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Or is there any OUTLETs to buy Shoes and stuff please suggest.


  4. Hai All,


    My son is 18months old, he's pretty picky & I have a hard time coming up with creative things for him to try. Just wondering what things you have tried with your Toddlers...I really need ideas!




  5. We are visiting paris for 4days, and what are the must see places. I had gone through net about the various tours, and places to see but I couldn't decide what are the must see places. Which tours are worthy a penny to see. What is the cheapest way to get around paris. Input is appreciated. Thanks!!