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  1. Car Dealer sold the car I bought

    Hello,   I bought a new car (neuwagen) from an official dealer of a German car company. The car was available immediately and located in another city. We signed the sales contact in the dealership (both me and the dealer representative), applied for financing, got pre-approval for financing and I've been waiting for my documents to be approved and receive my car.    Today I was told that, there was a problem in their system and the car I bought was sold to someone else. And the main problem is, since this was the only new car available with the configuration I want, I would need to wait for a year to get the same car if I order it now.   I thought contacts are suppose to be taken serious in Germany and I feel like the dealer shouldn't be able to get away with this. Do I have a case against them? Should I ask them to get the car back or I will lawyer up?    Thanks in advance.