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  1. Hi,   My wife (32y old) is in a coma (Wachkoma) now deemed permanent, after a catastrophic health issue that started 9 months ago. When it happened, she had just finished her studies, had a looking-for-a-job visa, and was unemployed (having done just one freelance job). On the midst of a deeply sad and troubled story full of ups-and-downs (with details I'm sparing you of atm), only now I am minimally stable to look for financial assistance, on the midst of her transfer to a long-term care facility which will require my private payment to a certain extent.   I am her legal Betreuer, and I would like to know if there is any chance I could apply for her to receive Arbeitslosengeld and/or Krankengeld. Problem is, she has never really worked in Germany (except for a freelance job, and an internship of 3 months, and couple of student jobs in the university). We are both non-europeans, living in Germany since 2014. We came for studying, decided to stay a little longer. I have a stable part-time job, and she is insured within my family insurance at AOK. We have no kids.   Meanwhile I'm on a hustle with the Sozialamt at the moment to get a Hilfe zur Pflege with the assistance of a social worker, but that's a different story.   I appreciate any help and advice on the matter.    Thanks.
  2. Payed them a call. Appearently in my Jahreserklärung the Mswt payed in advance was not stated. This is what happens when using a third-party website to do it for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   I will need to send a Berichtigungserklaerung taking that into account. This time through Elster. Good luck for me.   Thanks anyways... I'll leave the post here in case someone else has the same question in the future...
  3.   Yep! Here is a photo of the letter. On the back there is only their opening hours and a stamp.    
  4. Dear all,   I've just received a letter from the Finanzamt asking me to pay a high value without any explanation of it. It says only that I still have to pay an amount reminiscent of my Umsatzsteuer. But this amount is precisely the (summed) amount that I have received back during the whole year while doing the Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung.   I quite do not understand. As a company, I have issued a few invoices and payed for the taxes in the Voranmeldung during the year correctly. I have also included all the company expenses month by month. Sometimes I've "received money back", sometimes it was just deducted from the amount I'd have to pay monthly.   But now, they are asking me to pay back to them apparently all the Umsatzsteuer that I have received back during the year that were due to company expenses (invoices I've payed). I don't get it. Could someone please shed me a light? Does this seems right? If not, how could I solve it? Of course I have all the invoices still with me, as well as all the "receipts" of delivering the Voranmeldung.   Thank you!   Best,   Luiz.