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  1. I never provided anyone with any sort of false information. Neither did I know the country of origin would be displayed on my profile.    What exactly do you mean by lack of cooperation? That I will apply to renounce my citizenship? Or that waiting 8 years is unreasonable?  
  2. I am not Russian. Selected this when registering for privacy reasons, because nationality was a compulsory field. I wish I was though - then I would just wait 6-12 months and become German, rather than post here. Suffice it to say that I'm from one of the former Soviet states, that still clings to some of the old practices. 
  3. @swimmer   It makes me proud to know what a large fanbase our eternal leader has.  God bless him 😉
  4. Just thought that there might be a list of countries where it's considered problematic to give up the citizenship. The law says that the requirement can be lifted if the exit is regularly denied. But to know that it is indeed so in case of a particular applicant, they should have a list of problematic countries of origin. But I can't for the life of me find this list anywhere .
  5. Applying is not a problem, I'll do this as soon as I get the confirmation from Germany. But for my application to be successful, the president has to sign it. He rarely does.
  6. Source of legal information for entrepreneurs

    I am not accused of anything and do not have to stand a trial. That was a hypothetical example, I never said I was actually dealing with that.
  7. Thank you for the info. I am still waiting for the decision of the German side, only then can I apply for renunciation.   The problem is how to prove that the release is regularly denied. I know that this is the case because many acquintences of mine applied many years ago and are still waiting. There are also forums of expats that confirm this.   But when I spoke to the officer at the citizen's office in Germany, they told me that they don't have this information because very few people from my country ever applied for German citizenship. Hence they said that they would estimate how long it takes based in another country from the same region, which they said should be quite similar. In that country the process takes about 1 year, which they said is reasonable, and hence is not a problem.   But it's nowhere near 1 year in my country, it's 5-8, and up to infinity. So I'm trying to figure out how to avoid being in a limbo state for what might be an eternity.
  8. Source of legal information for entrepreneurs

    @2B_orNot2B, that's quite a bit to digest. Thanks a lot for the info.   @someonesdaughter, I mean whether they can be referred to during a trial. Something like this and that is legal because this law says so.
  9. Hello everyone,   I recently applied for German citizenship and was wondering what to do if renouncing my current citizenship takes too long. There is a procedure for that, but the renunciation process does not work well and frequently lasts over 5 years.    It is ridiculous to wait that long to get the German passport, but I've seen somewhere that it is possible to claim that renouncing your citizenship is impossible or too complicated, and still become German. My question is how long I would have to wait before I can claim that the process has taken unreasonably long? Also how long is the process going to take in Germany and what do I need to do (I hope I won't need to go to court)?   Also is there any chance that the officials here in Germany would just say that I have to wait as long as it takes.   thanks a lot best wishes Lemonade
  10. Source of legal information for entrepreneurs

    Thanks a lot for the replies.    @someonesdaughter, do you know if these associations also have internet presence, so I could also access the information they use?  @dstanners, so it is acceptable to refer to or Palandt in e.g. court settings?
  11. Source of legal information for entrepreneurs

    Hi everyone,   Could anybody point me to good sources of legal information concerning running a company in Germany (corporate law, I suppose), that is comprehensive enough that I can answer most of my questions without needing a lawyer. Ideally, I would like to know what lawyers themselves use to keep current in their craft. I am ok with reading in German and also willing to pay a subscription fee if needed.    I had experiences where different lawyers would say opposite things about the same issue, so finding the truth is not always easy, even if you seek professional legal advice. It would also be nice to have an access to a database of precedents, such as court decisions, so as to have an idea of how a particular law is implemented in practice.   If what I'm asking is not feasible, and you need something like a practicing lawyer license to access such resources, then a general place where I can educate myself on the subject would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.   cheers Lemonade