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  1. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    I looked up the link - it actually seems quite useful. Perhaps I should think about Mietverein once the landlord demands excessively frequent viewings. So far no problem.   Anyway, Thanks for the answers!
  2. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    I don't think it's in there. Is there a law that applies in this case?
  3. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    I honestly don't know. I didn't need legal advice related to renting in over ten years of living in Germany. But that said, I've never been in this situation before.
  4. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    I did. For something completely unrelated. One appointment cost about 200 euros. 
  5. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    It turned out I misunderstood the situation. The apartment hasn't been sold yet; rather it will be for sale. But then I'm wondering, since my landlord will probably want to show the apartment to prospective buyers, is there some minimal obligation as to how often I should let them in? In general I can do it a couple of time, but I wouldn't want to fill my calendar with appointments that are of no interest for me. Thanks!
  6. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    Thanks for replies. I contacted a Mietverein. They charge a little over 100 per year, and the minimum membership duration is two years.  Not that it's too expensive, especially compared to the rent, but still. So do I understand it right that I generally don't need to sign any additional papers? Although I though that at least there should be some written document confirming the change of bank credentials.
  7. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    Hi everyone,   I was informed today that my landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting. Since I've never been in this situation before, I'm wondering what to watch out for. In particular, I'm a bit worried about the following:   1) What happens with the contract? Do I need to sign a new one with the new owner? 2) What about the deposit? 3) What's with monthly payments? Is it the responsibility of my previous / new landlord to indicate new bank credentials and due date in the new contract?   If anyone has been in this situation before, it would be nice if you could share your experience.   Thanks!
  8. woken up by neighbors alarm

    Several seconds, but it was enough to wake me up. My guess is that it starts out quiet, and I only hear it when my neighbor doesn't turn it off fast enough. It's been better lately though. They reset the alarm to 7am and it isn't as loud anymore. Again, it seems like when it was set to 6am, they would let it ring for longer, which would wake me up, but for some reason when it's set to 7am, they are faster to react. Go figure...
  9. woken up by neighbors alarm

    I talked to a Mietverein, but it seems like they won't be able to help much regarding the neighbors. They said that they generally don't take noise complaints cases because the neighbor in question could also be a member of the Verein, which would lead to a conflict of interest.   Is there an Amt that handles things like that? Something like a wellbeing or environment Amt, if such a thing exist.
  10. woken up by neighbors alarm

  11. woken up by neighbors alarm

    I actually use high quality silicon earplugs. They have been effective at blocking out unwanted sounds in general, but this alarm has a lot of low frequencies and is accompanied by vibrations. I guess the alarm is hooked to a speaker - it definitely isn't a phone alarm. 
  12. woken up by neighbors alarm

    ok, thanks
  13. woken up by neighbors alarm

    Hello everyone,   I have a neighbor who sets their alarm to 7am and sometimes 6am, which is way earlier than my usual waking time. The problem is that the alarm is so loud that it blows right through my earplugs, so there is no way of avoiding/blocking it. I tried to talk to the neighbor, but they would never answer the door.    According to the previous tenant, there is an old lady living upstairs (I've never seen her personally though), so I assume she's hard of hearing, and that's why her alarm is so loud. Another indicator of that is her loud TV that is often on until 1am. My question is what legal/administrative options I have. I've seen advice on this forum to send the landlord a letter demanding rent reduction. But I don't think this would help in my case as my landlord doesn't own my neighbor's apartment. Beyond that I was thinking of dropping a letter into her mailbox, but I was wondering what exactly I should write for it to have maximal effect. I suppose there must be some administrative body that deals with complaints of this nature. It would be great to know what organization it is, and how to best indicate to my neighbor that if she doesn't stop with the alarm nonsense, I will take matters there. In case different places have different rules, I would like to add that I live in Munich. Thanks a lot in advance.