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  1. Thank you! I have been searching the internet for different clubs and their profiles and was getting a little confused with the leagues and rankings, etc. It helps tremendously to have a starting point of what to look for.  I will definitely follow up on SGK Heidelberg. 
  2. Greetings everyone!   My family of four is relocating to Heidelberg in January 2019 with my husband's job. We are working on getting the kids (I have an 11yo girl and a 14yo boy) into the local International school and we are securing an apartment in Heidelberg. We are all incredibly excited to begin our adventure! Everything seems like it is falling into place...except for soccer for my son. I need help.   My son is an athlete and very competitive. He plays multiple sports with school, but his love is soccer (football). He has played soccer since he was four and played competitively on travel teams since he was 7 (so for 7 years.) He plays games year round, has practices/team training 3 times a week, or if he's not with the team, he's in the yard juggling - so basically soccer is every day for him. His only stipulation and request with our relocation was that he wanted to train and play with a German football team. I have got to find him a team. (Our family's life depends on it! )   I have no clue what would be the best steps to take. Do I contact clubs? Should I contact clubs? Local sports recreation districts? Leagues? What is the best option for an American boy to play in Germany? My hope is that someone there (or here) will appreciate his love for the sport and point us in the right direction or give me some idea of what to expect or who we could contact that might be able to help. Please?   Thank you in advance!