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  1. Was just informed about this and not sure if anyone has posted about it yet. I just spent a few hours emailing with my site host getting my contact page ssl and https secured. Now I have to do a lot more work on the rest of the site. All the photos have to be embedded https.  Right  now it's only the contact form. Who knows what will come next?   The guy in question is getting sued for 12,500 EUR.  
  2. Police fine, but evidence is missing (Bußgeld)

    Yup, that's right. Except you can take a chance on court where you can take your chances on facing your accuser. They are counting on you not taking the odds of winning but paying the lesser fine instead.  A kind of game theory.  And my deal was no points, no record of anything. Just pay the money and be done with it.  I remember sweating it out until we got a letter with the deal.  Funny thing is I somehow had it in the back of my mind that I did something wrong for quite a while when I actually hadn't. Paying the fine was an admission of guilt no matter how you paint it. 
  3. Police fine, but evidence is missing (Bußgeld)

    The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago.  I was nowhere near the claimed (parking) accident but there was a witness to the accident that I was nowhere near. My wife and I knew that I wasn't there but couldn't prove it. We had the lawyer get the accident report and it was just a joke. I supposedly rammed into an expensive Porsche parking nose into the space in front of him.  There were diagrams made and a witness report.  I got an offer from the court that said to pay €500 and I would have nothing put on my record.  SInce the lawyer told me that was the best deal I could probably get I paid it.  Later I was told by some German friends of mine that there are people that do this to get free repairs done on their cars (read expensive), since the system is scewed against the person who has been accused.  I was neither allowed to know who my accuser was nor was I able to face him.  I suppose I could have gone to court to find out, but I took the deal and got it over with.  The principle of the thing really tore me up for a long time.  This "Anzeiger" thing seems to be unique to Germany and their culture of the holy automobile (Heilige Blech).  I now have fully stocked legal insurance so if someone tries this again I will call their bluff and take them to court.   Pay it and hope that their is some sort of Karma for these people.
  4. Massage therapist in Berlin

    If your German is just "reasonable" you will have a very hard time with passing the Heilpraktiker exam. 
  5. It sometimes takes a couple of days. Don't worry about it.    Now I'm hungry. 
  6. I know MS provides a free online Office Suite. If you have a MS Account you could try it out. I think the MS Office Apps are all free on Android too. 
  7. Sorry for the marriage dig. I know where you're at and it's frustrating to live with an attractive female and be friends. It ca be done but she's got the power in the situation as long as she senses any interest from you.  Best to keep it non-sexual and non-romantic.  You'll manage, I'm sure. You had sense enough to ask advice so I know you are capable of some reasoning when temptation is around. You don't know what kind of drama will emerge when there are other guys sniffing around. Best to let them get the idea you're just a roommate.   
  8. Man. My first instinct was to screw with you but every guy has to be in the freind zone once in a while.  If she wanted to dance the dance with no steps with you you would know it by now. She's not interested in you. She has a casual  thing going on and she likes it that way. She doesn't want to babysit a roommate who has feelings for her. This is a roommate relationship and not romance. Don't get jealous cause that's a game you'll never win with this girl.  Unleash your frustration into finding another place with a roommate that doesn't activate your primal instincts. Or get married and have kids.   
  9. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Thursday, 14th March at 7:00 PM   1. Frollein 2.Trrr 3. Frau Trrr 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  10. Employee lease in construction from non-EU

    Ah, OK, it's all OK then.  BTW, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like you to take a look at...
  11. I know a highly qualified IT guy who needed to move his family to the Stuttgart area for a job. He looked for close to a year and ended up moving to a little town about 40 minutes out of town if traffic is good.  If you have jobs waiting your employers should be able to help you out some, but finding a place in Stuttgart is really tough.
  12. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

  13. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    I've been doing low-carb for a few years now and when I stick to it I feel a lot better. If I really stick to it I almost completely lose my appetite. Like the poster above stated, someone could shove a Twix bar under my nose and I'd just sneeze and say no thanks. If I ate the Twix bar I'd start craving more carbs almost immediately and would spend another three days getting my appetite gone again. There's some times that it's almost impossible to say no to carbs, but I try my damnedest.  It's mot a fad for me, it's a way of life I like to follow.  Bread and potatoes sure taste good but a half hour later I feel terrible and it's not guilt either, my body just doesn't handle it all that well. 
  14. My laptop is stuck in Zoll

    It's 19% of the item's value with the shipping costs included, so bring that receipt! Never been to the Munich Zollamt but the one in Stuttgart is anything but friendly, in my experience. I actually had to wait 10 minutes watching some idiot staring at his computer before he managed to act like he just noticed me waiting for him to give me a receipt. Of course, he was sitting there next to the lady who grilled me like I was a terrorist for a half an hour about some camera equipment I had shipped over from the States - and where was the bill of sale?  (in the box). My God, it's like they can't get fired or something so they make a game out of making people jump though hoops needlessly. I tried to order the part within the EU because I've had to do this before but no go.
  15. Germany decides against F-35

    Germany is buying drones from Israel: