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  1. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Thursday, 14th March at 7:00 PM   1. Frollein 2.Trrr 3. Frau Trrr 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. Employee lease in construction from non-EU

    Ah, OK, it's all OK then.  BTW, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like you to take a look at...
  3. I know a highly qualified IT guy who needed to move his family to the Stuttgart area for a job. He looked for close to a year and ended up moving to a little town about 40 minutes out of town if traffic is good.  If you have jobs waiting your employers should be able to help you out some, but finding a place in Stuttgart is really tough.
  4. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

  5. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    I've been doing low-carb for a few years now and when I stick to it I feel a lot better. If I really stick to it I almost completely lose my appetite. Like the poster above stated, someone could shove a Twix bar under my nose and I'd just sneeze and say no thanks. If I ate the Twix bar I'd start craving more carbs almost immediately and would spend another three days getting my appetite gone again. There's some times that it's almost impossible to say no to carbs, but I try my damnedest.  It's mot a fad for me, it's a way of life I like to follow.  Bread and potatoes sure taste good but a half hour later I feel terrible and it's not guilt either, my body just doesn't handle it all that well. 
  6. My laptop is stuck in Zoll

    It's 19% of the item's value with the shipping costs included, so bring that receipt! Never been to the Munich Zollamt but the one in Stuttgart is anything but friendly, in my experience. I actually had to wait 10 minutes watching some idiot staring at his computer before he managed to act like he just noticed me waiting for him to give me a receipt. Of course, he was sitting there next to the lady who grilled me like I was a terrorist for a half an hour about some camera equipment I had shipped over from the States - and where was the bill of sale?  (in the box). My God, it's like they can't get fired or something so they make a game out of making people jump though hoops needlessly. I tried to order the part within the EU because I've had to do this before but no go.
  7. Germany decides against F-35

    Germany is buying drones from Israel:
  8. Germany decides against F-35

    Countries with combat drones
  9. Germany decides against F-35

    It seems to me (but I'm an idiot about these things) that there has to be a developed infrastructure to run a drone fleet,  both ground and space based. I don't think Germany belongs to this group.  That would include Russia, the US, China and maybe India. If the ESA is running a satellite network that can coordinate a drone fleet, I haven't heard of it.  And then you have to train the drone pilots too. 
  10. Germany decides against F-35

    So this is what you are talking about:    
  11. Germany decides against F-35

    Ways the F35 can defeat drones:
  12. Germany decides against F-35

    There's already articles on the Internet about the F35 being a platform for controlling its own drones in combat.
  13. Germany decides against F-35

    There's a lot of women in on the game too. 
  14. Germany decides against F-35

    The nature of dogfighting will change with the technology. I think WWII was dogfighting in the traditional sense, then when speeds started to get supersonic and weapons could lock on targets, breaking a radar lock with agility became a thing. I guess once the bugs are ironed out and it all works the F35 system will be unbeatable - for a while. Then some other military will figure out how to beat it and then you will have jets that can't dogfight when their stealth is obsolete.
  15. Germany decides against F-35

    The F35 seems to be the US Military's stealthy answer to warfare. It can't match other air superiority fighters in dogfights so it depends on that stealth and an integrated communications platform with friendly forces. I gotta ask if this communication system can be tricked or if some pesky solar flare activity might upset it or if some guy in his basement with a laptop can hack it.  I have no idea, but the trillion plus dollars it took to develop the system better make it work. That money could have done a lot of good building schools or what not.