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  1. Oh shit, I hope there's an Aldi nearby... It just happened to be the only flat we found where the owner said "Dogs welcome" rather than the usual "Nach Vereinbarung" through gritted teeth  And only wanted 2 mths Kaution rather than 3 :)
  2. Yes, that's why I wrote 'for the 1st month'.  My husband is already registered with TK and until I get my plans sorted (and perhaps even for somewhat longer if I don't do too much work and have too much income in the initial months) I can be covered as his wife.
  3. Well it could I guess, but since according to this they've factored in no-deal brexit... what could possibly go wrong?  
  4. But I wasn't taking exception to your help, thank you for it. I was taking exception to what SpiderPig said. And we will need a Steuerberater sooner or later anyway because we have split-year incomes (part the year in Poland, part in DE), whether or not I decide I need to consult one straight away (though in the info you linked, which is great, and again, I thank you for it, does also recommend getting a Steuerberater). And lots of threads about Steuerberater also have information about cowboy ones, and are 10yrs+ out of date, therefore it would be cool to have some local, up-to-date info. That's all.
  5. Actually I asked for recommendations for a Steuerberater in the area I'm going to be living in, not for whether or not I need one. I realise that I may not need one, but it'd be handy to have a couple of names/numbers on record in advance. (And yes, I have read up on freelancing and what I in theory need to do, but actually things are changing day by day with Brexit in the offing, and as you yourself said on my other thread, at the moment not many of us are qualified to say what will happen. So I'd like to have a go-to on the ground.)
  6. Thanks Dom, I had read that all this would be null and void in case of a no-deal Brexit, but this article says otherwise :)
  7. Hi all,  I'm moving to Königstein in Feb to be with my husband who's been working here for 6 months and want to set up as a Freiberuflerin to continue the work I already do. I'm from the UK but have been living in the EU for over 20 years (foolishly never took citizenship), my spouse is an EU citizen. I'm going to need the advice of a Steuerberater to get started - anyone got any recommendations?   TIA
  8. Haha this seems to be all the information I can find anywhere! I have an EHIC which will be valid for 1st month, my husband is in TK and will add the kids onto his health insurance, and me if I fail to register as FB within that time. Are FB-ler eligible for public health insurance?  
  9. Hi all,   My husband (EU citizen) has been working in DE for 6 months, and the kids (also EU citizenship) and I are joining him on 1 Feb. As a GB citizen (ergo still EU for now) do I for now need to do any more than register at the Bürgeramt?  Also, I am currently a freelance translator in the EU country we are moving from and I plan to continue this form of work in DE (translating into English from my other EU language). As a Brit, if I manage to register as freiberuflich before B-Day, can I just merrily carry on?