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  1. My kids are at Altkönigschule in Kronberg and I recommend. It's a Gesamtschule but they are in the Gymnasium section. Happy to go into more detail if anyone needs it  
  2. Just a slight OT to this thread for anyone who might find it useful - we've been here since Feb and have 3 daughters, all of whom had basic knowledge of German but not enough to function in a standard public school. And we couldn't afford private. We are living in the Hochtaunus area, and our two eldest are, essentially by default (with the recommendation of the Schulamt in Friedberg) at Altkönigschule in Kronberg. They have a very good DaZ/DaF programme which is flexible, integrative (lots of emphasis on integrating the kids with their target German classes) and seems highly individualized (each daughter gets different work, tailored to her needs and level). The school is a Gesamtschule, but my girls got streamed into the Gymnasium section as they wanted, but a year below their standard level. They were gutted at first, but as someone pointed out, about a third of the class is their age anyway (lots of other 'Seiteneinsteiger'). And even after a couple of weeks we were seeing the benefits - e.g. in maths class they could do some stuff that the rest of the class couldn't do, so they got to present it to the rest (in German!), which did their self-confidence wonders. The kids are very friendly and inclusive, which, again, I was worried about, as I had heard various stories... Can only recommend.
  3. I am a new Freiberufler doing translations for clients abroad. My clients are for the most part organizations I have been working with for over 10 years, in my previous EU country of residence. My Steuerberater told me that I have to run a check on every client on before I issue them with an invoice, and take a screenshot of the result and store it for any tax inspections. Unfortunately she told me this only after I had issued my first invoice, to a UK company, and I can't get the database to recognize the company. It recognizes their VAT ID (the einfache check), but it says the company type and registered address do not agree. Yet I have looked on the Companies House register for the UK, and they are there as a PLC, fully paid up and all. Strangely, if I enter their correspondence address instead of their registered address, the German database recognizes the address but still not the company type. Is there any way of getting round this? Will a screenshot of the Companies House entry do as a back-up?