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  1. Hello again! I went to to try to open a company and they said it won't be possible to build a company if there is even 1% of the company that would belong to a US/Non-German resident because no bank account will accept to open an account for us. Is this accurate? Anybody has any leads of a bank we could use in Germany or Europe that would accept to open a business account for our company when we have 25% of the shares belonging to a non-DE resident? This news came at a shock for me and means we can't really build a partnership because of the bank limitation, would appreciate any leads even to qualified professionals who can help out here. Thanks!
  2. Sounds like a great idea, I will ask the US partner to get this option checked and you think once that works we would not need to have that holding represented physically during general meetings etc? 
  3.   Thanks so much for your reply. To be fair, I was asking the companies about the most optimal way given the partners are from different companies (build it in Germany, US or other countries etc) and yes most were afraid of us and told me they are “too small” to deal with this. The only company that accepted it gave me an offer of 10k only to explain the best case scenario to us (and not to build anything)   I am one of the EU partners, and after searching for weeks for an optimal solution and reading many topics in this forum, I now understand that there’s no way  the two partners and I could have 75% of the company without the company being considered resident in Germany.    The only thing i did not get clarity on is whether an additional non eu resident partner changes anything. I would understand that income tax for the us partner would be impacted here but I am more concerned about how it impacts corporate tax. I guess I will rely on the US partner and advice from his tax advisors but wanted to check if there was anyone in this forum in the same situation
  4. Hello! Wondering if someone was in the same shoes before. We are four business partners (3 EU nationals living in Germany and one US national living in the US) and want to build a company in Germany while being equal partners.   I have a few general questions and would appreciate any help (did a lot of research prior to posting)    1) Can the US partner get 25% of the company and remain a US resident and does he have to come to Germany to register it? 2) since 75% of the partners will operate in Germany (and one of us can be the managing director) I am assuming the company can easily be considered a permanent established in Germany. Will the US dispute that if 25% of the company belong to a US national? Can companies be 75% “resident” in a country and 25% in another? 3) anything else that we need to take into account before engaging in partnership? We obviously are asking professionals and have asked many tax advisors about international tax situations but surprisingly most are rejecting the service.