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  1. Hi,   I completed my masters a couple of years back and took the job search visa of 18 months, however, after 6 months of job search I joined a Ph.D.   Now my doubt is whether I would be eligible for 18-month job search again after completing my Ph.D.??   Greetings
  2. Hey guys,   Recently I moved to Cologne before I used to live in Frankfurt.    I registered today at Bürgeramt, I have to go for an extension next month.   Now my doubt is when will my file arrive from Frankfurt to Cologne? Because when I lived in Stuttgart last year, I went for an extension 4 days after my registration. They said my file had not arrived, and it takes some time, so gave me Fiktionsbescheinigung for 3 months.   So, will there be a problem for me again??   I am curios about the time duration it takes for an auslanders file to reach from one place to another, after he moved to that place. As this may help in planning many things.