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  1. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    anyone buys litecoin here?
  2. Coronavirus

    Are private kindergartens and krippes also closed from Monday?
  3. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    Does anyone know of or have invested with ibanwallet?   https://www.ibanwallet.com/accounts   Any feedback?
  4. International driver's licence or permit

    Got my international permit today from Fahrerlaubnisbehörde . It was pretty quick. It look like an old paper booklet.   The irony is that the international permit is also in German   I thought International permit should be in English at-least? I read somewhere that to drive in Australia, ( If your license isn’t written in English, you’ll need to carry a formal English translation or an International Driving Permit. )      
  5. International driver's licence or permit

    Thanks @RPC 2nd option is applicable to me. I will book the appointment :)
  6. International driver's licence or permit

    Thanks @RPC   Do you know which option to select. I have a German Card DL and I want an International Permit to drive in Australia and Indonesia. BR.
  7. International driver's licence or permit

    Hi All Lovely TTers, We are planning vacation in Australia during Christmas time. I wanted to know if I can drive with my German DL in Australia or do I need some kind of official translation or something like International permit?   https://www.goget.com.au/blog/driving-in-australia-overseas-license/   I have read information on few links, but I am confused now, on what to do before I fly.   And in case, if I need International License, how long does it take to get it?   Thanks!!
  8. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    A different topic, but I couldn't find any thread. If I want to drive a relative's car in Australia on my German DL, from where can I get Insurance in such case? For rental cars, we get the insurance option while buying it, but in this case I am not sure what to do? Do I check with my Insurance provider in Germany or do my relative need to have some option with his Insurance?
  9. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    Infaterix is really good. though my daughter went to Wichtel Akadamie.   We just chose Wichtel beause it was more closer, but I have heard good things about  Infaterix.    
  10. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    I am new to investment and have a bank account with DB.   I asked them about Depot account and they advised that Maxblue is very cheap and easy to use. I can open it online and the Depot is for free. I have to pay only for the transactions. (even though I have to check how much it will cost eventually per transaction)   Does anyone uses maxblue? What is the feedback? I need to start investing couple of thousands initially and then say buy stocks for 500€ per month for long term. Is it a good idea to start with Maxblue?