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  1. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Why Tesla stock is sliding down so much, even after good numbers? I know people were expecting a 25k car and in general tech stocks are falling, but this is too much.  Less than a month ago,  it was more than 1000€ May be it was better to sell everything and buy now again.   What is the catalyst behind this?    
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Exactly and these days despite, so much demand BAFA processed my application quite fast. Same was the case even with my friend. I applied on 26.08.2021 and the 6k was in my account on 12.10.2021. And this is first time, I was able do do something paperless in Germany. All process was online :-)    
  3. Buying a house in Germany

    True, but the way rent is going crazy, I don't know living on rent for the remaining life is either a good idea.   I am now confused whether to live within city limits or move to Kreiss. Both have there own pros and cons  
  4. Buying a house in Germany

    hi TTers Does anyone know how to calculate real value of a house or property. We just saw some new houses being built in Poing and RMH (112 sq m living space and 170 sq m plot size) costs 1M+ https://www.schindler-bautraeger.de/projekte/bauvorhaben-poing-w7-lerchenwinkel.html   When I checked it in immoscout price predictor it tells me this price is 24% more expensive. So how do I calculate the real worth and if buying at this price is a good decision or not.            
  5. Telescope usage tips for beginners

    I agree to @MikeMelga Its so complicated to decide which device to buy and get started. I have never felt like this before or have to do so much research to buy something in the past   I wanted to buy last Christmas but somehow couldn't get time to do that.    May be, anyone on TT Munich wants to give away there old T-scope?    
  6. Telescope usage tips for beginners

    @pmd I see one from Skywatcher here for 145€ with 70mm  aperture. Is this decent?   https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-telescope-ac-70-700-mercury-az-2/p,5000#tab_bar_0_select
  7. Telescope usage tips for beginners

    Thanks @makkapakka and @pmd for the valuable insights. So as I understood I should buy something more than 150mm or 200 mm aperture   I see some up to 150mm here in below link:  https://www.teleskop-spezialisten.de/shop/Telescope/Newtonian/till-150mm:::219_36_63.html   @pmd I will also look at Skywatcher you shared, but it has 60mm aperture. Is that good enough? I can spend up to 200-250€ in case I get something really worth. Will also check in astroshop.eu   Also found one Skylux for just 20 €   https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/skylux-teleskop-70-700mm/1925596339-242-6080     TIA  
  8. Telescope usage tips for beginners

    Is telescope like this any good as a gift for 7 year old? Also, I never used a telescope and have no interest till now. I don't know but if I develop interest later, may be I buy a powerful one, but is it good to at least get started?   https://www.bresser.de/Marke/National-Geographic/NATIONAL-GEOGRAPHIC-Kinderteleskop-mit-Augmented-Reality-App.html?mtm_campaign=Google_Shopping&mtm_kwd=9101003&mtm_source=German&mtm_medium=CPC&mtm_cid=Germany&mtm_group=PLA&gclid=CjwKCAiAtdGNBhAmEiwAWxGcUjXqh1g6PHjXCmLZe3nN7Bz-NY7hYWabgsg2saWrXcMpF7MdiQNEAxoCAzIQAvD_BwE
  9. table tennis (ping pong) play dates

    Hi @LauraMocha Thanks for starting a thread on Table Tennis. I was exactly searching for it and found your post. I am also interested to play TT and live in Truderign area.    Do you know any clubs where we can book a table and just play? Couple of weeks ago I was in ESV Halle (Hermann Weinhauser Straße 7)  and there every Thursday there are around 12 TT Tables where people can just go and play. I am also fine to play on Saturday or Sunday (late evenings).    
  10. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Does someone mine crypto or has setup rigs to mine in at home? I am trying to explore in the area as I am pretty new and need some advice, if it is still worth to do looking at the rising electricity prices? Also mining as a standalone user might not help and which pools are good to join.    
  11. Buying a house without realtor

    hi All, We recently liked one property from PostbankImmobilien. We visited the property and Posbank Makler and PostBank Finance guys were present. They reserved the property for us Kostenlos and we filled a form and signed it. It was basically - Maklervertrag.   After that the Finance guy from Postbank sent us some financing offers. In parallel I also checked with one of other financing partners whom I know before. The offer from my financing guy is way better that what PostBank is giving.   When I told the Postbank guy that I had some better offer, he was not so impressed. This is what he wrote me back:   Dachte wir machen den Termin und die Finanzierung. Hmh… Wann unterschreiben Sie dort denn bei dem anderen Berater?   Did anyone buy property in such circumstances. Am I bound to do financing from Postbank, even though I am getting better offer elsewhere. If he cannot match the outside offer, cant I do the financing from outside?   Please advise!
  12. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    From where do you guys buy the Winter Tyres? The shop at Tesla always shows them not available?   https://shop.tesla.com/de_de/category/fahrzeugzubehor/model-3#model-3.felgen-und-reifen
  13. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    I charged my car upto 97% today and it shows Projected range of 378 km. I thought it would offer at least 430-450 km, considering Telsa said Model 3 goes up to 484 km (Standard model)   Also changing the options below the graph, like 25km or 50km and Instant range changed the values. For e.g. Selecting 50 Km and Instant Range showed it to 425 km range.   I don't know if I completely understood this concept        
  14. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    As of now I use AC and music and also go on 150+ on Autobahns. I think Tesla exec mentioned during one of our visit that ADAC members can save 2 cents per kwh. I will also check that.
  15. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Driving new Model 3 for 5 days and thoroughly enjoying it. Have already done 460 km and it is fun to drive :-) Till now we always had SUVs so sitting position is bit low, but I hope we get used to it in some time.   I am still trying to find out best charging habits. I am dependent on public charging stations as of now and I have a SWM charger near to my apartment, where I get a place every time I go.   I already charged it 4 times so far as shown below, which has costed me 24.19€ so far. I am still not able to understand whether this is cheaper than petrol  and what are good charging habits. Watched some videos and people say that we should always charge it between 20 to 80%. As of now my Car shows 28% and I am thinking to do a full charge (90%) again when it drops to 15% say.   Any tips or link to sources for better charging habits. On Thursday we are planning for a long trip to Prague, so I will charge it 100% before leaving and will charge on the way at a Supercharge if required.