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  1. All things Tesla

    Does anyone use home charging for EV. Till now I used to charge in SVM or public charging. We will move to our new apartment this year and builder has sent us some offer for charging setup from https://yourcharge.eu/#unsere-l%C3%B6sung   However, they have mentioned 8€ per month operational costs from Your charge. What is this recurring cost meant for? I am not clear. I will ask them also, but if anyone knows if we have to pay some recurring costs for wallbox in addition to electricity charges?   Also, I had few other questions:   1. Your charge is selling wallbox for 1571€ and 1000€ Installation charges. Tesla wallbox is just 500€. Not sure why so much difference in price, but I think I don't need any sophisticated or high speed charger for home. So I will check with builder if I can get a quote for TSLA wallbox   2. By default they are giving free sockets in parking. Is that enough to charge Model-Y overnight or do we need wallbox? How much range we can get from a normal socket?    
  2. All things Tesla

    Not really. I was looking at the opportunity to buy, but was travelling too much and I missed the chance
  3. All things Tesla

    Does anyone drive Model Y SR+ 2022 model? I would like to know the real world range?  How much does it give in Winter and Summer? TSLA says 455 but I suspect if  drive 150+ it will just give 200kms.    
  4. Visting the Algarve - Portugal

    Is it good idea to visit portugal with school going kids in February? There is a week holiday in schools from 20-25th Feb and we were looking to visit Portugal. I know, we might not be able to go in Water but are there other things to do in Portugal for a week for e.g. in Porto, Lisbon and  Algarve?  Any suggestion from anyone or people from Portugal? @MikeMelga I know for sure is from Portugal :-)        
  5. All things Tesla

    I also put some money to buy it but did not buy much  
  6. All things Tesla

    Finally after all the stress of reading this tff-forum and checking TSLA account 3-4 times a day and following up with TSLA I have a VIN today for my LR MY White ordered in June. The VIN is from Berlin, but now I am not sure if I should pick it up or cancel the order. I feel like betrayed by TSLA as they are not giving BAFA subsidy on the new price. Either we take the new price and loose 2k BAFA subsidy or we pay the old price and get BAFA subsidy. Also, little confused if I should cancel it and order an SR and save 10k€, in these crunch times, or even buy a used ICE car for 25-30k (in that amount one can find a decent car like Jahreswagen) Will call TSLA tomorrow and ask if they can compensate with something else or offer me something to not cancel my order
  7. All things Tesla

    Yes. I am now in dilemma about what to do. I was lucky to not get a car till now, but anyways the price drop isn't that significant for LR. I think, they still have lot of backlog in Germany/Europe and that's why prices are not lowered that much.   It might come down more in few months. I am just sitting idle and not bothering TSLA. They promised that all cards ordered in 2022 will be delivered in 2022, which didn't happen. Then they said that they will offset the 2k BAFA subsidy which is reduced from 2023, if someone didn't get car in 2022. Now I hope they can still offer the 2k BAFA and the reduced price whenever they deliver the car. I would still wait 3 months if they don't offer me one. May be the price get reduced further and some new feature gets added.    
  8. All things Tesla

    It s range and also LR has two motors and 4WD. I have to check, but think there was some difference internally in terms of speaker or woofers which again is not that important.   Price reduction in Germany is peanuts compared to US. I hope, people cancel there orders now and may be prices degrade more if demand slows down in Europe also.
  9. All things Tesla

    @MikeMelgaAs expected TSLA announced massive price cuts in US and also I can see prices reduced in Germany but not as much. SR costs 45k in Germany which was 53k before and LR is down to 55k from 57k. LR basically they just adjusted the BAFA subsidy, but SR in 45k looks quite competitive in terms of price.   In US prices Model Y LR is almost 20% less. Wow. Why can't they do that here.   I am still waiting for LR, but now getting confused if I should swap it with SR. SR has LFP battery like model-3 which can also be charged 100% every day and can give almost 350km range. LR has dual motor and all wheel drive. So not sure which one is the best option for long term.   I have to still check with TSLA if I get 2k on top from them as they mentioned that whoever booked a car in 2022 will get the BAFA difference paid out from TSLA.    
  10. Electric vehicles in Germany - all the ins-and-outs!

    cool, thanks. I will check with EON. they have increased my current tarfif from 22 ct/kwh to 48 ct/kwh. Do they charge same price for car charging as for home electricity or with smart meters they can have off peak hours tarrif for cars?
  11. Electric vehicles in Germany - all the ins-and-outs!

    Thanks @MikeMelga was actually waiting for your reply What is this double electric counter? I have no idea. What is it called in German? Do I need to ask the builder for this or do I need to ask Electricity provider like EON? Just as I am writing, I got a letter from EON that I have to pay more than double the cost of what I was paying last year. I will check with EON if they can offer me same contract at new place and also if they have some good tariffs for charging cars at night.
  12. I never had any financial advisor or any financial plan till now. Always invested in stocks myself. Would like to know if someone can recommend a good financial advisor in Munich?   Is there something like top 10 ETFs which I can start investing? I heard something about World ETF which invest in all big Tech Companies? Is it good to invest monthly few hundred euros in such ETFs for long term? I am in early 40s and would like to start something till my retirement. Any good advice?
  13. Electric vehicles in Germany - all the ins-and-outs!

    I have a question regarding electricity tariff. Till now I used to charge my model-3 using SWM charger near my house as I don't have a home charger in my garage. By end of the year we will be moving to our new house where we will have a socket in underground car park to charge the car. May be we will install a TSLA wall box over there. I have a 6 year old electricity plan with EON in my current apartment. It a normal plan like any other. I am not sure if I can take EON to new place or have to buy a new plan.   Do we get some separate Tarrif for car charging which is cheaper at night? Is it expensive to start a tariff with new provider? Shall I check with EON first if they offer something in new location? What would be my best option here? At SWM I think I used to pay 49 cents per kwh for slow charging. What would be the cheapest option to charge a car at home during off peak hours?
  14. All things Tesla

      It's just a normal config. Model-Y LR White 19" Wheels, black interior. Surprising is that I ordered it in early June and my friend ordered exact same config in mid of June. Both of us haven't got cars and I see in Tesla forums that a lot of people who ordered in July or August have the cars already delivered.  The only thing I know is that it could be due to 19" wheels. Once TSLA executive told me that if I would have ordered 20" I would have car by now, but the problem with 20" is that it gets scratched quite easily by the Kerb and also the range is a little bit less, even though it looks nice.   When I ordered the due date was Sep-30 to Mid October and TSLA promised to deliver it in 2022. I was so frustrated that I bought a small used car and now I don't care. Now I feel like it should come as late as possible. Even I am somehow liking the small car. Its a Alfa Romeo   Also, I am having second thoughts to cancel TSLA and buy some cheap 20-25k car from used market to save money for coming times.  I did test ride a Mercedes GLC last week, which costs similar to model-Y. It was Jahreswagen and was just 5k driven. Pretty new, but somehow I couldn't convince myself 100% as it has so many parts and so many buttons. Somehow I feel TSLA was simpler and easier to drive apart from range/battery issues which might occur in long-term. With GLC I can just fill up and never have to worry about anything.   Long story short. Now I am not doing anything and just waiting, hoping that the car is not delivered till end of Q1 2023 and may be price cuts will happen and some new features will be introduced.   I bought Model-3 in 2021 and that time TSLA was very good with Customer service and even answering queries. Off late I have felt that they are worse or like other German car makers now. They don't have any clue what's going on and cannot tell you anything regarding your order. They even don't bother to answer.   Also, I don't know where the hell the cars are going. I saw lots of modely in Parsdorf center yesterday. There were all colors and all wheel sizes, just parked over there.      
  15. All things Tesla

    Yeah would like to wait, but the problem is that if Tesla calls up and assign me a car, I have to take it. If I say No, I lose the 2K BAFA subsidy which is reduced from 2023 and Tesla agrees to pay that. However, I am just hoping that they don't assign me any car till March. In case, I say NO to Tesla and wait for 3-4 months, I think I can recover the BAFA subsidy as the prices will drop. I also suspect that there might be a few changes coming in and I hope they can fix this USS fuck up which they did to newer models.