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  1. Bestsecret Invitation Link
  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    So in summary POC = Gay, White = Straight, POCs are more homophobic and the discrimination towards them is just like their discrimination towards LGBTs? I have been reading a lot posts that are dressed up to look supportive of BLMs that are not. There is a difference between hating someone because they are BLACK and hating someone because they are GAY. While you were trying to make a point of being "accepting", you sounded more condescending listing all those "unusual" things you were 'taught' to accept. Yes the world is a crappy place but listing phobias and telling us how they are all the same when a conversation about racism is going on is you trying to detract from the seriousness of the issue and someone who has INDEED learned to accept everyone as one and equal would not be doing that. And my summary? we see your prejudice.
  3. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    WOW!!! I do not speak for everyone but i have had personal experience with fat and obesity and some of the sympathetic-like comments here justified being fat to me. We know not all fat because are fat because they overeat or want to be fat. There are health and emotional conditions that cause obesity but there are still fat people that are fat because of poor diets and over eating and maybe sometimes need to read that it should not be justified. This thread is about body fat and i do not see why someone should be condemned for not also discussing everything that is wrong in the world in his 5 sentence comment, it is of-course the culture of 'what ifs'. Tip-toeing around issues and condemning people that speak frankly is not always what is needed. There are justifications for everything that is wrong with the world, maybe we shouldn't always harp on those because in our effort to be 'kind' we are just telling people that it is okay to stay at rock bottom and sometimes IT IS NOT.
  4. Coronavirus

  5. Schusterman & Borenstein - fashion clothing

    Incase anyone wants an invite:
  6. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello,   I do not know if anyone has any experience with this. In 2019 I was a working student till March when I extramatriculated. I started paying for the social contributions in April as one could not as a student. How do I indicate this when filing my taxes?
  7. Eurozone, I am not a citizen of the US. Okay thanks, i will have to think it through
  8. Good to know, i will, thanks.
  9. Good to know, i will, thanks.
  10.   Thank you, i didn't visit for a while but some people have responded. One more question as I see you are also very active in the real estate threads too. I want to buy a small apartment in about 18 months to 2 years, or when I can find something I like and can afford, I already have some money saved up and would like to use the time till then to to save up about 20% of the downpayment, do you think its best to just leave the money in a sparcard account with the ridiculous 0.001% interest rate and try and invest in ETFs and liquidate when i need it. I know the market isn't exactly stable and dependable but it seems the money will loose value just sitting in the account. I'm also happy to hear others opinion.
  11.  Thank you, my german is basic but i will still check that out, google translate always get about 80% of the gist );
  12.   Thanks @theGman, i have read all your posts and it is very enlightening, especially following the your story from start till today, congrats on the 1.500€. I will look into Comdirect's ETF sparplan as suggested