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  1. The Jugendamt visited my home

      Okay, same way OP's elicited a response from you is the same way yours did from me. While I understand the point your are trying to make, 'my opinion' is that it is totally uncalled for here. This is OP's post.   'We both have professional careers and are university educated I am not saying this to gloat but rather to provide a full scenario. We are very happily married, and I would be considered ‘well integrated’ considering that I speak C1 German and work in professional sector.  We are observant Roman Catholics but not overly conservative'   Just a plain statement of fact that is clearly not intended to put anyone down but to create a context. She did not say she has a doctorate from Harvard, earns 7 figures and is related to the pope.  What you did is the equivalent of me saying you are trying to put people down with your above statement about your experience and being married to a social worker here. That is my opinion.
  2. The Jugendamt visited my home

    Ignoring a clear message and choosing to bring up irrelevant person or issue ... thats you? More than 60% of your response was condemning the OP for stating his/her educational and religious background. The rest sounded more like a typical 'no offence meant but ...' Just pointing out that someone that comes online to condemn someone about a 'perceived' misstep and goes a step further to  'immensely dislike' is probably not so great either. So maybe we should all invest half of our 'self righteous' energy to doing better ourselves.
  3. The Jugendamt visited my home

    Read your comment again. OP was creating a context, you are 'immensely disliking', judging and condemning. Who amongst you do you think should actually do better? 'If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change'