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  1. Hi,   I have income both from a UK job, and from a job in Germany. The German employer has deducted health and social security contributions ignoring the income I had from the UK employer. However, the UK employer has now decided that I ought to have paid German health and social security contributions off the income they paid me, as I am resident in Germany. (Previously they had just been charging me national insurance etc.)   Is my UK employer correct? At present, I have already had the maximum possible amount deducted by my German employer, so I really should not have to pay anything extra. But I can believe it is possible that I might have to pay something to the UK employer and then claim the same amount back from my German employer. Is this right? How do the contributions get split between the two, when above the maximum salary for contributions?   Thanks in advance,   Tom
  2. Hi,   When you're ill here, the doctor seems to give three different pink certificates. I get that one goes to your employer so your illness is properly counted.   I'm told another is supposed to go to your krankenkasse. But what is the point of this? I read something about krankengeld, but that only seemed to be for long illnesses. If I'm just off work for a week do I need to submit the certificate to my krankenkasse? Do I benefit financially from doing so? (Why?)   Thanks in advance,   Tom