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  1. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Wedding Foto (Denmark)! The big celebration is only in June next year, so it was just a phone photo. But love how it turned out.
  2. Tell me about yourself

      I'm a software developer. The world really is your oyster when you're in IT! 
  3. Why are you happy today?

    Got married in Denmark to a German almost 3 weeks ago. Didn't need any additional documentation for Germany to recognise this. No Appostille, no birth certificate or complicated things from my land of origin.   Everything went smoothly and I am so happy that everything is sorted without difficulty! 
  4. What made you laugh today?

    passive agression
  5. The Vent - No Chat!

    Thank you dear tenant, for being so filthy and horrible that I once again lost a buyer. I'm done though. You're out. I'd rather have the stress of no tenant than struggle through another year and a half of you making my property impossible to sell.
  6.   No problem  Your answer was very helpful and insightful though!  
  7.   Thank you for the thorough answer! This definitely helps me a lot! Appreciate it :)
  8.   Are you sure? The way I understand it, citizenship can happen within 3 years when married to a German? Found it on all official sites. 3 years in Germany, whereof married to a German for at least 2 years during this time.   
  9. Good morning,   I have been looking through TT for a while, using the search functionality, but have been unable to find the exact answer I am looking for. I moved to Germany for work, but shortly after arriving, I met a German man (now fiance). I am here on a work permit which is tied to my employer and valid for 3 years. Employed full time, unbefrisstet.   We are getting married in Denmark next month, but that doesn't have much to do with my question. My question here is: 1. Do I have to register my marriage in my home country first and change my last name before registering it in Germany? Or can I do Germany first cause home country might take longer. Then just go back to Germany to change the last name?   Next question: 2. Do I have to change anything concerning my visa? All the post I'm seeing is people coming here to get married, not coming here for work and unexpectedly finding their person here. I don't need an integration course or an A1 certificate now, right? I've been living and working here for 18 months and only speak German in my job.   3. Then, if I were to get citizenship, do I first need to get niederlassungserlaubnis before I can think about citizenship? Because the way I understand it it's 3 years of which 2 years you've been married, to get it. But I would still have a normal Aufenthaltstitel (probably valid for 5 years as it will be my second Aufenthaltstitel) at this point.   I know those are many thoughts in one post, but if anyone can help a gal out, it would be much appreciated. I love planning and already budgetting and planning my time to get my B1 certificate and all that jazz. Was just unsure about the above.   Thanks in advance.