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  1. Hi! I'm a mother of two and my oldest is about to start at the JFK School in Zehlendorf. I live in the north of the city and will be commuting every day over an hour one way. I'd like to find a quite place near the school so that when I bring my kid in the morning, I can spend the day down there with my baby, pick the older one up and go home. But I don't have a fortune to spend on it. I tried putting out an ad on Ebay Kleinanzeigen to look to rent a space and some creepy perve propositioned me within minutes, so I'm feeling like that's not a good route to pursue. Instead, are there any mums out there who would be interested in renting a coworking/co-parenting space in Zehlendorf/Steglitz with me? I really do work, so I'm not looking for an all-day play group with lots of chit-chat, though that's nice sometimes, too. Drop me a line!