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  1. schimmel in der Wohnung

      hi @fraufruit Thanks for the reply. The mould was on upper wall/ surfaceof the bathroom. there is no window. Only a small  hole for air ventilation or circulation.When it was new, I asked my collegues and they said it is common and can be repainted when vacating the apartment.So i didnt took any action.
  2. schimmel in der Wohnung

    Sorry. the lost post format was messedup.    Thanks @someonesdaughter Regarding visit: It is not a question.My landlord would like to visit next week and check if the wohnung needs to be renovated or not.This is something new for me , as in my experience with previous landlord, they visited only at the end of the day (Wöhnungsübergabe) and then sent me the calculation for cleaning, repair etc.   Not reporting earlier about the mould is my fault. i didn't knew the procedure. Shall i inform now before the visit?
  3. schimmel in der Wohnung

    Vielen Dank @AfricanGal I try immediately tomorrow.    Could you help with some suggestions on renovation queries as well? I thank a lot
  4. schimmel in der Wohnung

      Vielen Dank @RedMidge  I am not a member in mierverein. But I have private versicherung für Mietrecht and I need to pay everytime as a selbstbeteilgung of 150 Euro.   I have couple of questions. - Is it free to check the Mietvertrag without paying selbstbeteiligung for checking? - My owner like to view the apartment next week to check if the apartment needs to be renovoted?    i am not sure if this is legal before  Wöhnungsübegabe. Morover where and how to check in the contract when the apartment has    been last renovoted? How ofeten usualy the apartment has to be renovated?   Could you kindly help with few suggestions?  
  5. schimmel in der Wohnung

    Dear members,   I am vacating the apartment in two months. In my apartment bathroom, there is a Schimmel. It kept increasing.I have not informed my owner earlier. Now at this point, when vacating the apartment, do I need to completely re-paint the bathroom walls? or any solution to remove Schimmel? The renovation year of the apartment not mentioned in the contract   Also, how to check my contract who is responsible for the repair costs? At the time of renting the apartment I realy didn't check the contract clauses well.In my contract it is mentioned that schönheitsreparaturen costs are borne by the tenant.   Kindly help with your suggestions. Thanks
  6. Doctor consultation on weekend

    Dear Vornchen,   I called Harlacing link. They suggested to visit today before 11 or else tomorrow morning. I can manage till tomorrow Thanks for the links and help. This forum is really much helpful, especially for expats.      
  7. Doctor consultation on weekend

    Dear Willowhands,   Thanks a lot. I called one of the bereitschaft zentrum in Harlacing and got an appointment for consultation   Thank you so much once again.  
  8. Doctor consultation on weekend

    Dear Robinson,   Thanks for the reply. I like to check it on the weekend, as the problem is severe. would Notfall praxis help with Nephrology related service?
  9. Dear members,   I ask for the info how and where to consult Nephrologist on weekend. Yesterday I went to Urology Klinik as my Hausarzt suggested for one of my health issues. Urology doctor advised to contact Nephrologist without any delay: I have the report with me. My Hausarzt already mentioned to contact nephrologist incase if i get a suggestion from a urologist. I tried to contact and get an appointment today with one of a nephrologist. But the appointment is only on Tuesday.   Would it be possible tomorrow to discuss with any of Nephrologist? In case of yes, where should I go?   I really thank for the advice.
  10. Fenster Rolladen kaput

    Hi All, Thank you very much for all the inputs. My hausmaster helped me to fix the rollladen. It was really helpful that  the comments from all gave me direction to fix the window  
  11. Fenster Rolladen kaput

    HI Fraufruit,   Thanks for the reply. I have following mentioned in the rental agreement   Die Kosten für kleine Instandhaltungen innerhalb der Wohnung trägt der Mieter. Diese kleinen Instandhaltungen umfassen nur das Beheben kleiner Schäden an Teilen innerhalb der Wohnung, die beim Gebrauch dem häufigen Zugriff des Mieters ausgesetzt sind oder sein können, wie zum Beispiel Lichtschalter, Steckdosen, Fenster- und Türverschlüsse. Meanwhile, if i need to takeover the cost and repair, How can i proceed further? Do i need to book an appointment with Handwerker? Any idea how much it usually costs?
  12. Fenster Rolladen kaput

    HI All,   My fenster rollladen rope was teared out. Unfortunately i couldn't repair myself. Do i need to fix an appointment with handwerker to repair  it ? or Hausmeister helps for that? Could anyone help if the cost of repair is covered by house owner?   Thanks for any inputs