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  1. Post delivery times from Germany to the U.S.

      I'm also registered to vote in a mail-in-only state. I airmailed my ballot in September and it took 30 days to arrive at the city clerk's office. That tracks with the rate with which other airmailed items (birthday cards, etc.) have been getting to my US loved ones on the East Coast and in the Midwest, too. :-(     I hope yours moves more quickly!
  2. Tipping of hospital staff

    I'm wondering how common it is IN GERMANY for a patient to tip nurses and other direct caregivers after staying in hospital for anything from a night to a few weeks. Do any of you give them something for their "Kaffeekasse"? My German physician friends tell me this is perhaps not expected but very much welcomed by underpaid staff lower on the totem pole, so I always do it (a fiver for a night or two, up to 20 euros if I've been there a week or longer and they've been especially attentive). But does anybody else do this? I've never been in hospital in any of the other countries I've lived in, so I have no idea how it works elsewhere.   What do you think?   Ciao, Liebling