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  1. Dinosaur in need of a new Laptop.

      That memory seems to be sufficient for just surfing the web and for using a spreadsheet every now and then. If you want to keep costs low, why not consider formatting the drive on your existing laptop and reinstalling a clean copy of Win 10? It is easy for the Windows OS to slow down over the years if there has not been appropriate maintenance. So simply reinstalling the OS from scratch may just be what you need based on the simple use you make of your computer.
  2. The increase of inaccurate advice on TT

      Glad to have made it to the shortlist!   I meant to suggest using a format similar to that of StackExchange, where there can be comments to each question to clarify its scope and then there are the actual answers, which people can up- or downvote. Each answer can be commented on, so in case the answer is inaccurate, another user could point that out in that space, so that any future readers have extra context for assessing the validity of its contents.   I don't think one would need to translate anything in their answers, nor write essays. Just be concise and point to the relevant reference, be it a law or court decision.   The practical aspects of implementing this is another issue, but it might just be a way to address questions that require one answer rather than an endless discussion, which is what threads in a forum tend to promote.
  3. Protocol with Handwerkers

      Then this part is out of this world.   I appreciate your attempt to make sense out of that price, however, assuming the rest of your analysis is acceptable (by rounding some numbers, e.g. the number of man-hours was less than 32, since the second day was more like half a day of work) there is no way that less than 12 m2 of wooden panels can possibly cost 1100€, even after removing VAT and driving costs, especially when this is clearly not top grade wood since it's full of knots / holes.   They could command a high price just because the client was a large condominium and, since the owners pay (!), the Hausverwaltung agrees to whatever price they are given.
  4. The increase of inaccurate advice on TT

      That's what Reddit figured.
  5. The increase of inaccurate advice on TT

    I think it is useful to know the correct answer to a question AND also be able to understand 'why' another answer is wrong. That gives a fuller picture to the OP and whoever will read that post in the future. Censoring then makes no sense, but a way to highlight why an answer is wrong would certainly be helpful.   What I find very distracting instead (this might warrant a separate poll!) is when a conversation that is on a specific topic is hijacked by somebody and turns into a personal debate nobody else cares about. That simply wastes the time of the reader and reduces the visibility of the posts that are actually on topic.
  6. Protocol with Handwerkers

    My impression is that any work from any Handwerker is overpriced beyond reason in Germany. This could be either because they have a system to fix prices so that nobody offers lower than agreed, or because there is actually too much demand for their work and not enough supply.   As an example, which blows my mind (!), my Hausverwaltung sent two carpenters last year to replace the <12 m2 terrace wooden panelling with new panels and to put protective lakier. The whole job took them less than two working days. Guess how much the bill paid by the Hausverwaltung (with owners' money) was? ... just over 2700€. Wikipedia reports a net average monthly salary in Germany of 2315€. You tell me if that price for such a job is not out of this world.
  7. Street checked by die Polizei

      Don't tell me you were even carrying your lightsaber with you?!
  8. cable bundle in Germany

      Are there any IPTV services that are legal? I mean, TV companies normally geoblock their online content because of copyright licensing reasons and make it available only in their country, so when a company offers said content abroad, I suppose they are not really operating legally, are they?   Are there any IPTV services which actually have a license from the original owners of the content?  
  9. I imagine asking an accountant here in Germany is the way to go.
  10. Apartment problems/Landlord

      Depending on how your Nebenkosten are calculated, you might have to pay more with a Mietbewohner: some costs are calculated as proportional to the number of people living in the apartment. But I do not know at what point someone visiting regularly should start being considered a permanent resident.
  11.   That's all good for a house, but we are talking about a city apartment here, so I am trying to find a reason to support the need of surveying in this case.   Would it really avoid hidden surprises such as, say, an incorrectly attached water pipe behind a plastered wall, which will start leaking a month after purchase? I mean, who is going to look behind the plastered wall?
  12.    Exactly: 'behind'. So, are you saying a surveyor remove switches and sockets to check the wiring??
  13.   Could you share with us your experience in doing the above? What exactly does a surveyor check? How do they check anything related to electrical and plumbing installations, given that these are always hidden behind plastered wall? If there is any water leak, surely the buyer himself can see that.
  14. The dumbest person I have ever met!

    Someone the other day was 'teaching' me that dogs can have two fathers, at the same time. That is, a puppy with one mother and two fathers!
  15. Guten Morgen, Abend, Hallo

    I support the idea of teaching good manners, when I see none.