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  1. The dumbest person I have ever met!

    Someone the other day was 'teaching' me that dogs can have two fathers, at the same time. That is, a puppy with one mother and two fathers!
  2. Guten Morgen, Abend, Hallo

    I support the idea of teaching good manners, when I see none.
  3. Firstly, congratulations on finishing the thesis write-up!   You can definitely apply for postdoc positions now, while waiting for the thesis defence. The offers you will get now will be mainly based on your experience and level of expertise, so having the PhD degree certificate in hand might not be necessary in order to start working, but having it or not will certainly affect the pay grade you start the postdoc at. But this can normally be adjusted later once you graduate.   Good luck with the job search.
  4.   That's hilarious!   I had a conversation virtually identical to this one about 10 years ago while visiting some Italian friends who lived in Pavia, northern Italy. I was visiting them together with other friends, two Germans and an English. When we got there and arrived at the apartment we had booked, we met the owner, who was a retired old man clearly with hearing problems. I was speaking in English with my foreign friends and then switching to Italian when addressing him, so this was our conversation at some point:   owner: you speak Italian very well, but where are you from? me: I'm Italian owner: English? me: no, no, ITALIAN owner: eh, German??? me: no, no, I-T-A-L-I-A-N! owner: aaaaah ITALIAAAAANOOO   All others cracked up at that point
  5. Hire a lawyer before buying a flat

    A remuneration of 1% of the purchase price sounds high to me and such an expense is not justifiable in my opinion. Why do you not choose a Notar you trust and just ask them to clarify or edit anything that catches your attention in the draft contract? It's normally the buyer who chooses the Notar.
  6. Germany decides against F-35

    What stops the Eurofigher from being certified for nuclear weapons? If that could be done, everybody would be happy and the F35 would not be needed, it seems, based on the article shared by @balticus.
  7. What are you cooking today?

    For your viewing pleasure (I wish I could also offer a tasting pleasure), I found a picture from my last pizza 🍕, which looked very similar to the one I made yesterday 😁   Buon appetito!
  8. What are you cooking today?

      Everyone was so hungry when the pizza came out the oven that I forgot to take a picture of it! But I do have a picture of the pizza before it went in the oven.   I will make it up to you in the coming weeks with new recipes, I promise!  
  9.   Actually it should be reported on the cost calculation the landlord has given you. For the more common case of a billing period corresponding to the calendar year, the actual consumption is known early in the following year after the meters are read. Based on this meter reading, the Hausverwaltung (the condominium manager) calculates the consumption for each apartment and determines if the owner has overpaid or underpaid. The landlord now does some more calculations to figure out if their tenant has paid more or less than they should for their Nebenkosten.   So going back to the billing period: if it was, e.g. 1.1.2017-31.12.2017, the landlord would receive the Abrechnung from the Hausverwaltung mid-2018 and they would have until 31.12.2018 to do their calculations and claim from you any underpayment.
  10. A tenant renting directly from a landlord must pay any excess within the 12 months following the billing period. The billing period normally corresponds to a calendar year, but for your sublet it might be defined differently - so check what your contract says. If your landlord asks you to settle the bills after 12 months from the end of the billing period you may refuse to pay.   More info e.g. here:
  11. What are you cooking today?

    I prepared the dough for pizza last night and it looked like this...   Now, be prepared for the picture of the pizza coming out the oven!
  12. Flat rental possible scam?

      Perhaps not the police, but reporting the event to the platform is certainly a good idea, so they are aware someone is using this trick, can cancel their account and monitor for any further suspicious activity.   When I first came across this type of scam, I noticed that some 'too good to be true' offers were being posted for a short time only, and then removed, from different accounts, probably long enough for some unsuspecting user to fall for it and make contact.
  13. Flat rental possible scam?

    SCAM!   They gain your trust by ensuring the money transfer has to be made to a relative/friend of yours, but then they ask you to show them the payment receipt as confirmation that you have enough money to rent, except they can go to any Western Union office and receive money using that unique number on the receipt. Last time I checked, Western Union does not check who picks up the cash, as long as they are presented with a number.   While Western Union in itself CAN be used for a good end, it must absolutely not be used to make payments to strangers. Red flags should be raised left and right whenever Western Union or MoneyGram are mentioned as payment methods.   I came across this scam about 10 years ago, when a nice apartment was being offered in a very central city area for a price well below average. That alone was sufficient to raise the above mentioned red flags.
  14. Problem with Repair Company / Handyman

    I am not 100% sure, but I believe that since you never signed an Auftrag you officially never gave them the job, so, if that is true, they should not be able to claim any payment.
  15. I think estimating the volume of furniture/belongings to move is always the hardest part for getting a quote, but since you have that already you can contact some companies directly to ask for quotes. I have used Mailboxes Etc in the past because I only ever had boxes to ship and no large piece of furniture, but that might not work in your case.