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  1. To other landlords out there, I would appreciate your advice!    My husband and I have been renting out our old apartment for a year, but the tenant is leaving to return to his home country. We posted an ad and found a family interested in renting the place, but how can we check them out? The previous tenant was known to us, so we didn’t do due diligence.    Is it possible to run a credit check? Or what kinds of documents do you typically ask for from potential tenants?    I rented out my place in the US before, but always through a property management company that handled finding and vetting tenants. Thanks in advance for the help! 
  2. How can I check a potential tenant’s credit?

    Thanks! We’re in the “suburbs” of Koblenz, if you can even call it that. A few bites and showings from our ad, but nobody knocking down the door.   From the 3 or so we showed it to, these were the only people so far who wanted it. We don’t want to turn down a potentially good renter on the way off chance of finding a foreigner / someone willing to do everything in English in this area.   Since this is our first time renting to strangers, we’re just trying to figure out the best way forwards. I read so many horror stories here about bad renters ruining people’s apartments and then not being able to get rid of them, so I want to take all possible precautions!
  3. How can I check a potential tenant’s credit?

    That’s great to know, thanks! I’d be happy to rent to a company, like one that wants to put up employees on long-term visits. But I doubt there’s much chance in Koblenz to find that. We also would welcome foreigners because then either of us can deal with them English rather than my husband having to do everything with German tenants. That’s what we had with our tenant who is leaving. Unfortunately the potential tenant we found on through an online ad is a German who presumably wants to do everything in German.
  4. Where to buy crabmeat in Germany/Munich

    This topic looks quite dead, but maybe y’all have some recent insights.    Anyone know where to find blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) to order online or in a fish monger in Germany? I am Maryland born and raised and really missing crabs after a few years of being here now. Read some articles recently that blue crabs have recently invaded the Spanish coast and Tunisia, so thought they might be sold here now.    I’m in Koblenz but totally willing to drive to Cologne or Frankfurt if it’s available. Prefer the whole crabs (alive or already steamed) but would settle for the meat.
  5. I am dual US and Germany, having acquired the German citizenship as an adult but before moving to Germany. Your situation may be different though if you’ve been registered here for a long time before acquiring German citizenship. Point being, all my bureaucratic things here like registering for insurance were done upon moving to Germany as a German citizen (regardless of the fact that I did not live here before).   So, all of my paperwork here such as taxes, insurance, and retirement uses German as my nationality. The government (and official-related things like insurance) only sees me as German in Germany. Makes sense - the US government sees me only as a US citizen for tax purposes, passport, etc. Basically I am officially German in Germany, American in the US, and either American or German elsewhere depending on which passport I used to enter that country.