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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    Yup. We just got our refund this week for a flight in early April that was cancelled by Lufthansa.
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    I have the same question. Would love to know if any US citizens have flown into the US with their non-citizen (non US resident) spouse. The law is clear but I don’t trust the immigration agents to follow it correctly.
  3. Depends on the starting point and goal for the foreign language acquisition. My personal experience is that you can concentrate for longer and more frequent language classes, but it’s hard and you need a clear purpose.   In my life before Germany was ever on the radar, I studied a different foreign language in college. We had 50 minute classes 5x a week, with 5-7 people in the class by the advanced level. By graduation, I was conversational on some topics but not fluent, and especially not on anything I’d consider technical (or for specific business needs).   Using the language was important for my job. My employer after the first year paid for me to attend an intensive program, where I had about 6 hours of class a day with 10 people, for two months. Later, when I got an assignment to spend several years in a country speaking that language, I took one-on-one classes for 5 hours a day (for many months!).   It is definitely exhausting and you have to take frequent breaks, but doable. The school rotated teachers through students, so I would see 2-3 different teachers a day. Really helped in concentration as well as getting used to different accents. Also each lesson was focused, so one hour on speaking, one on reading, etc. I requested dedicated lessons related to my business area, which also made it more interesting than random textbook lessons. For example (not real to my situation), it is good to have a basic ability to discuss agriculture, but fluency in my (again, not real) specialty of criminal law is more important to develop.   By the time I finished all that and moved to the destination, I was fluent overall and highly fluent in my area. I’d say I went from nothing to general B1/B2 in college, and from that to general C1/focus area C2 through my special classes. Obviously this was a hard language (not the same as friends who became fluent in Spanish in <2 years).
  4. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice)

    I used JK Moving going the other way (US to Germany), and was quite pleased. I think they have worldwide operations through partner networks.   International household goods shipping is expensive, even by container. My advice is be sure to really think through each item and decide if it’s better to ship or buy back home. I sold lots of my stuff in the US before the move. My now-husband and I took stuff of mine in our luggage every time we visited in the year before the move (him coming to the US, me going to DE). It still cost me more than $2k for a crate that went inside a container, since I wasn’t going to fill up a whole 40ft container. Be careful of dense items, ie small but heavy, because you’ll end up over the planned weight for the size of crate.    
  5. "Please call me by my first name"

    Yes, 100%. If you must use my last name is a business context, I am Ms. I cringe if somebody calls me Mrs., but it’s especially worse if they are of the American persuasion. Don’t care if you’re a native English speaker or not, but if you’ve lived in the US more than a few years you know better.   I do perversely enjoy receiving “Dear Mr. Lastname” emails from non-Westerners since I guess they don’t know if my name is typically male or female (quite obvious to Westerners). I have the same problem with unknown foreign names too, so no hard feelings there.    In a personal context I prefer first name only, being American and all. When I get Mrs. Lastname, I always say that is my mother, please call me Firstname. Also have a strong distaste for people calling me Ms/Mrs. Husband’sLastname. There is nobody in this family with that name.    Btw, “Christian name” is inappropriate, certainly in the US and I imagine elsewhere too these days. It is something I expect to see only in books from the 1800s - we are not all Christian! 
  6. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    The IRS confirms this on their online FAQs about the Economic Impact Payments. Glad to see they see us as the full-fledged, tax-paying/filing Americans we are :)
  7. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    do you still have a US bank account? On my American bank’s (USAA) app, you can cash checks directly through the app. Granted USAA is designed for people living abroad, but I think it’s pretty common with most major US banks now. 
  8. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    We were supposed to fly to the US tomorrow, which obviously isn’t happening, but Lufthansa never told us. If you check the flight status for our flight number online it comes up empty, so cancelled (duh). But no email, no SMS, nothing from Lufthansa. We weren’t planning on traveling but we’re playing chicken to get them to cancel so that we could get refunded.   Husband called today and the agent said yes it’s cancelled, and offered a rebook for later or refund. Thought the rebook would be fine, checked out our available window in November, and LH wanted €400 more per person. Uh, no thanks. We got the refund instead.   I do find the pricing structure odd... LH and every airline is desperate for keeping cash, but yet is asking for such ridiculous future fares. Some other airlines flying our route are discounting if you book now for the fall. Sorry LH, we like you but not that much!