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  1. Where to buy crabmeat in Germany/Munich

    This topic looks quite dead, but maybe y’all have some recent insights.    Anyone know where to find blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) to order online or in a fish monger in Germany? I am Maryland born and raised and really missing crabs after a few years of being here now. Read some articles recently that blue crabs have recently invaded the Spanish coast and Tunisia, so thought they might be sold here now.    I’m in Koblenz but totally willing to drive to Cologne or Frankfurt if it’s available. Prefer the whole crabs (alive or already steamed) but would settle for the meat.
  2. I am dual US and Germany, having acquired the German citizenship as an adult but before moving to Germany. Your situation may be different though if you’ve been registered here for a long time before acquiring German citizenship. Point being, all my bureaucratic things here like registering for insurance were done upon moving to Germany as a German citizen (regardless of the fact that I did not live here before).   So, all of my paperwork here such as taxes, insurance, and retirement uses German as my nationality. The government (and official-related things like insurance) only sees me as German in Germany. Makes sense - the US government sees me only as a US citizen for tax purposes, passport, etc. Basically I am officially German in Germany, American in the US, and either American or German elsewhere depending on which passport I used to enter that country.