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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    For United, it’s included in the online check-in process where they now let you upload your test result and then digitally sign a bunch of documents. For Lufthansa, we just printed and filled it to bring to the airport. In neither case did anyone in the US ask to see the document.
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    Also technically it’s not 72 hours before, but three days. So, for example, you can actually get your antigen Schnelltest done Wednesday morning for a Saturday afternoon flight to the US. At least according to the CDC rules. I personally wouldn’t cut it so close - both times I did my test the day before.
  3. Travel to the US and back.

    I wasn’t able to get a free test at Walgreens, CVS, or any other place back in April. Perhaps it has changed now, or perhaps there are different rules in different states.   Where I was, you could only get a free test with health insurance card or, if no insurance, then with actual COVID symptoms. Many places wouldn’t even test you at all without symptoms. I called more than 25 places and could not find any that would both test a symptom-free person and guarantee results within the needed time period (72 hours before arrival in Germany, so effectively a 48 hour turnaround).    In the end my only choice was spending a ridiculous amount of money for a test at the airport. Good that things have changed because it was a bear of an ordeal. At least for my second trip I showed my vaccination card instead.
  4. Problems Installing COVpass app

    Ok kind of bummer info. I don’t have a German app store account and thought you’d found the secret way in via the US store. Guess I’ll have to stick with the scanned QR code method for now.
  5. Travel to the US and back.

    I would assume the US carriers would accept proof of vaccination. Otherwise they wouldn’t have many customers at this point. They all get the same rules from the German government, right?   This is what United’s website says: “All travelers 6 years of age or older are required to present a qualifying negative COVID-19 antigen test result taken at most 48 hours before arrival in Germany or a negative COVID-19 PCR, RT-LAMP or TMA test taken at most 72 hours before arrival, unless exempt. Test results must be in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. This does not apply to travelers transiting through Germany to a non-Schengen member state. Customers can also provide proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 instead of a negative test result. Travelers must have proof of vaccination in written (e.g. CDC card) or digital form — photos of vaccination certificates are not acceptable as proof of vaccine.”
  6. Problems Installing COVpass app

    Really? Even now when I check, CovPass is not on the US app store (Apple). There’s some app called CovidPass but it’s not the RKI one. Some European countries released their apps to the US app store - Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. but not Germany.   I just keep a scan of my QR code in my phone’s files and someone can scan it directly if needed. You don’t have to use CovPass.
  7. Travel to the US and back.

    Nope! The US doesn’t accept proof of vaccination for entrance. Must show a negative COVID test result - basically any kind other than self test is fine.   Edit: the airlines do accept proof of vaccination for return to Germany. I showed my US CDC card to Lufthansa, and then again to the Bundespolizei agent and was on my way.
  8. Travel to the US and back.

    That is not true. I’ve flown twice to the US recently and the Schnelltest antigens tests are readily accepted. Both Lufthansa and United.
  9. Travel to the US and back.

    We both have Global Entry and went through the line together. Don’t know how it works with the app or going through the regular line, sorry.
  10. Travel to the US and back.

    Antigen quick test is fine. The airline employees in Germany are the ones deciding if it’s ok - mine was entirely in German and I had no problem. In April, the US immigration Officer asked to see it but looked at it for 1 second (I guess checking the box that he saw it). In May, nobody checked on the US side.   Be very careful to have documentation with you proving your marriage. The US still has the ban on Europeans entering, so technically she can only enter with you. My husband is German and we each carried a copy of our marriage certificate. Since your kids have US passport, they’ll have no problem.   Plan extra time for the airport in Germany. You won’t be able to complete the online checkin process and get boarding passes like normal (true for us with both United and Lufthansa). The checkin agent has to call someone at Homeland Security to manually override the system and allow the German spouse permission to enter the US. Process took about 20 minutes - same for both airlines - from the time we got to the agent, i.e. not including any time waiting in line.
  11. Sadly neither are downloadable if your Apple account is based in the US app store. Some European countries released their apps to the US app store but not Germany. I downloaded the Swiss version and it accepted my QR codes, but haven’t had the chance to actually use it yet. If all else fails I will just carry the paper copy of my QR code printouts.
  12. Travel to the US and back.

    I just returned yesterday from vacation in the US. Was pretty easy since I got vaccinated there, flew back more than 14 days after the 2nd shot, and therefore did not need to get a test before the flight. The US is also off the RKI’s Risikogebiete list now, so you don’t need to fill in the Einreiseanmeldung anymore. Overall much easier than when I did the same trip in April for my 1st shot.   Coming through passport control at Frankfurt, I used the electronic machine (for German/EU citizens) but still had to stop at the border official’s window before exiting. All he asked was which country I came in from and then for evidence of vaccination or negative test. I showed my US CDC vaccination card and was through in under 30 seconds.    I will say the line for Lufthansa at the airport in the US was extremely long probably due to many passengers having document problems. The person at the next desk over at check in was in a dispute with the airline person about being allowed in to France as an American - I guess he was connecting through Frankfurt or something. The airline employees all looked totally exhausted so I’m guessing they were regularly dealing with stuff like that.
  13. Same for me. My German told me about 5 days after we met, and I straight up said that is not how I feel but let’s keep talking. He left my city afterwards (had just been there on a business trip) and we commenced with a long distance relationship. By the next time I saw in person, about 4 months, I felt it and told him “I love you.” We were discussing marriage a few months later, and that was that.