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  1.   Dear all,  

I have been living in Germany since Aug 2009 on different visa statuses. On 25/08/2015, I have been issued with Residence Card as Family member of an EU citizen (5 ABS. 1 LEVEL / EU) which is valid till 28.08.2018. 

I applied for Abmeldung from Germany per email on 07.07.2018 while I was living with my wife in Manchester, United Kingdom. As I have not received any confirmation of Abmeldung per email and also wanted to visit some friends, I travelled to Stuttgart alone to receive my Abmeldebestätigung from a Bürgerbüro on 12.10.2017 and stayed there overnight and travelled back to Manchester, UK on 13.10.2017. 

 In the period from 07.07.2017 till 01.04.2018, I did not have any registration (Anmeldung) in Germany. In the meanwhile, I decided to move back to Germany with my wife again and travelled back to Germany on 30.03.2018 and got myself and my wife (who is a British Citizen) registered in Laufen, Bayern, Germany on 01.04.2018. After few days, I have received a letter from Ausländerbehörde that as I had lived outside Germany since 07.07.2017, my Aufenthaltskarte is not valid anymore and deleted from the system. After 07.07 .2017, I stayed with my wife in the UK and I am also possessing a British EU Residence Card. I provided Ausländerbehörde with proofs that I travelled back to Germany on 12.10.2017 and stayed there for a day. I have airplane tickets and a stamp in my passport as a proof. Also, on 13.10.2017 I received in person my Abmeldebestätigung from a Bürgerbüro in Stuttgart dated 13.10.2017, but they still requiring me to come in the office and provide with a list of documents in order to get a new visa.
 Questions: 1. How my Aufenthaltserlaubnis/ residence permit deleted or become invalid when I have not stayed continuously outside Germany for six months? 

According to my understanding of German law, residence permit only becomes invalid when one stays outside Germany for more than 6 months.  2. If they issue me with a new visa, will the counter of my continuous legal residence in Germany which is already 7 years 10 months till 07.07.2017 become zero in order to apply for permanent residence or German Nationality?My aim is to apply for a permanent residence and eventually German Nationality soon.