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  1. Hey guys my friend really needs help.  Today i was shopping with my friend and she was caught stealing a bunch of cosmetic stuff from TK maxx. Apparently 200 euros worth. I would have stopped her but we were at the same store but shopping separately, so i didnt know till we were about to leave the store. The security guard took her out back and me with her because she doesn't speak English or German. I speak fluent English only.  They called the police, and they came an hr later. Just before they arrived. The tk maxx security people took down my friends info (address, name, birthday). And when the police came they also wrote down her passport info. (we are from Korea) and told her to fill out a form.  I think it said if you want to answer now, check the box and she she checked it.  Then she also checked admitting the theft.   The police then just said okay you are free to go. You will recieve a mail stating the fee and a small writing section ( and told her not to write anything that contradicts admitting to the crime, and when the mail arrives just write that you are sorry and you wont do it again) and we were free to go home. She didnt have to pay anything at tk maxx.  ( ofcourse she returned everything and apologized alot)  Shes freaking out right now, we did some google searches and it looks like she might have to go to court, etc ( google is really unclear) Does anyone have any idea what will happen?  Did she do a good thing about just admitting guilt? ( they didn't check security cameras & etc)  Shes here on her working-holiday visa. But she isnt working so no income other than monthly allowence from her parents.  Will she get kicked out of berlin( germany)? ( will they revoke her visa?) Will she go to jail?  How much will the fine be? Should she get a lawyer? Will she have to go to court?  Should she contact the Korean embassy? (Infrom them that this happened?) Or wait for them to contact her? ( incase they don't know about it)    Also she'll get 3 letters right?  1st the "Anhörungsbogen" (reply form) from the police , within 2-4 weeks * dont really understand what this form is  2nd the penalty order (Strafbefehl), a few weeks after you sent back the reply form  3rd the payment request from the prosecutor, a few weeks after the penalty order   in this order?  Theres nothing she can do till she gets the first letter right? & won't know how much the penalty fine is till the second letter?    Also her visa ends Mid Aug. what if this isn't solved till then?    Its her first offence, and shes 22 years old, foriegner ( Korean).