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  1. Residency for Brits after Brexit

    A relatively painless affair.. passports, passport copies, biometric photos and a completed form.. hopefully we will receive out Aufenhaltsdokument-GB in the next 3 to 4 weeks!
  2. Residency for Brits after Brexit

      After emailing our local  Ausländerbehörde (including links to the Munich site) we received a letter and documents in the post (simple 1 pager in German), then received an email back where they had made US an appointment - which is now tomorrow.. Landkreise Miesbach... fingers crossed..
  3. I bought a Fire TV Cube, have NordVPN and generally (not always) it works fine for most UK content... including my English Eurosport subscription, vital for the skiing!   DAK
  4. Residency for Brits after Brexit

    The Munich website now has some useful information (which doesn't look too complicated and is in English)    Landeshauptstadt München Brexit (muenchen.de)   Hope my district (Miesbach) makes it quite as simple! So far all their forms, aimed at Brits, have been delivered in German.   DAK