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  1. Registering a marriage in Germany

    Resurrecting this thread as I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get my tax status changed after getting married a couple months ago. My husband and I got married in the UK and I'm not really bothered about having the marriage registered here, unless there's a specific benefit to it? (Neither of us is German, I'm not changing my name, we're not having kids, and don't think we'll stay here forever.)    What's confused me is changing the tax class as I've read conflicting information. Do I need to register our marriage to do this? Or can I just fill out the tax class change form and take that along with our marriage certificate to the Finanzamt?    We are moving flats in October, so if it's possible to just register at our new address and change our marital status at the same time, maybe that's easier? 
  2. My husband and I are looking for a 3-room apartment to move in by the end of October. We can be flexible with the exact move date and we are flexible about furnishing, but would prefer an apartment with kitchen included. We are looking in the east of Munich (Au-Haidhausen, Bogenhausen), but are open to other areas if it is not too long a commute to Unterföhring. Our budget is up to €1700 per month cold. My husband works for Sky in Unterföhring, and I am a freelance children's book editor and work from home. We have no children, no pets and are not smokers. We're clean, quiet and considerate tenants. We have been in Munich since October 2018 and are currently in a temporary apartment, so would like somewhere with a long-term contract. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you if you have any offers or tips. Please PM or send an email to: davis.oconnor2019 (at) gmail (dot) com Danke! Lisa
  3. English speaking hairdresser in Munich

    Tina at Friseur Herzenssache near Ostfriedhof speaks excellent English and does really good job. She also used natural products, but I can't remember the brand (something Italian that smelled amazing). Plus, you can even book an appointment online:   https://friseur-herzenssache.mytreatwell.de/