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  1. Health insurance and Pension Insurance

    Thank you for your answer! What do you advise I should do in this situation? This is stated clearly on my application to TK.
  2. Hello everybody,   I need your help on something which it's buzzing me for a while. I recently moved to Germany and I am of course looking into getting my health insurance. I work as a freelancer on different online platforms so I have no employer.    I decided to apply with TK for my health insurance. My problem here is, they said that they will automatically give me a German Pension insurance too. My question is, does this means I will need to pay extra? If yes, how much is the total of health+pension contribution? I find it a bit unnerving that I will automatically get signed up to something I have no idea how much it will cost.    Is this mandatory? If not can you please help me understand how I can opt out? Thank you!