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  1. VAT Question for Freelancer

    Dear all,   First of all, I want to say thank you to everybody who contributes to this amazing website! It's been my rock since I moved to Germany.  I am in dire need of your help. I moved to Germany at the end of December 2018. I have been working as a freelancer online since then mainly with a company from Spain, a company from Switzerland and a company from UK.   Now, I did not charge any VAT on my invoices to them as they all told me that's not needed in our case. The big problem is that now I am reading that past the threshold of 17k a year I should actually charge VAT. Does this apply in my case? Or are these clients subject to a reverse charge and I do not need to add vat to my invoices?     Another thing is, that I have read that if on the previous year I made less than 17k (which is true), even though I was not in Germany, for the following year I could proceed with not charging vat (as I did not know how much I will make) but now I should start charging it as the previous year put me above the threshold.     Can you please please help me? Also, any advice on how to properly write my invoices or notes regarding VAT on them would be great!   I would speak with an accountant about this, but I can't afford the fee right now.   Thank you all for your attention!