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  1.  Hi Furth - thank you.  I am seeing him again next week so will ask.
  2. If in any doubt, say yes to the offer of an Arbeitsunfähigkeitbescheinigung!   I was hit by a car on August 31, 2022. I had to have surgery to repair my leg and was in the hospital for a week. I didn't get a sick note from the hospital because I didn't know I needed one (I'm self-employed but a member of KSK). I also was having severe panic attacks and was generally in a bad emotional state. On release from the hospital, I was assigned a Barthal index of 60-75 (meaning I wasn't able to look after myself). The first sick note I received started on October 10 and the current one runs until December 16. It is obvious that I was unable to work between August 31 and October 10th. How can I convince the health insurance company (TK) of this fact without the vital bit of paperwork? I've written to the hospital, and they said they would send me confirmation that I was there, but it didn't say anything about the following weeks.  
  3. Corona SofortHilfe - Penalty for Mistakes?

    Yes I did. It was on my tax return too. I have no doubt that I am facing a big bill, and my best case scenario is that they will allow me to pay in instalments. I asked Verdi the union about it. They said they couldn't give specific advice, but said I should be cooperative and say that I made the error in good faith. Sally   Will update this post as the story unfolds, as I am sure I am not the only one who is in this situation.
  4. Hello I made a genuine mistake when I claimed my corona money. I was a massage therapist and had to stop work completely. It's a complex situation because i had income from subletting my studio, but the worse case scenario is that I wasn't entitled to any of it. If that's the case, I will obviously have to find a way of paying it all back. But will be there be fines or even criminal proceedings?