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  1. Hotel near HBF Munich - safe area?

    Thx a bunch to each one of you that responded.  I looked at every single hotel that was suggested, and more, and you all helped me get a good feel for the layout.  I even considered Airbnb stuff.  In the end I just now booked 2 basic rooms, 16 sq meters (unfortunately no upgrades were available anymore), at the Motel One Sendlinger Tor for 3 nights in mid-July for 119€ a night.  I need to decide if we should add on Frühstück at 16€ a head, but am inclined to wanna hit cafes and have variety.  According to my research I got a good price given the location and season, and that budget hotel gets high marks for cleanliness, a tick for me.  😂  I was very lucky to get something decent, at a reasonable price, this late.  🙏    I’m leaning towards booking a tour with bus that hits all the castles instead of car rental.  It appears there are better worse, larger/smaller tours, and with the hotel savings I can splurge for a nicer tour.  But that decision is for later.  👋 and 🙏 again folks!
  2. Gary Glitter found guilty, three-year sentence

    Quickly scanned and was puzzled about the 📻.  How does a radio cause heart problems? 😂 Took me a few secs but I finally caught on. 😂 Two cultures separated by a common language. 
  3. Hotel near HBF Munich - safe area?

    Thx a bunch @PandaMunich!  Just the sort of ℹ️ I was looking for.  And I remembered that you had once suggested a famous 🍰 place too!  😃
  4. Hotel near HBF Munich - safe area?

    In mid-July my very “bestest” friend and hubby will end a Danube cruise in Passau.  We’re gonna meet ‘em there and all go to Munich for a 3-day weekend before they fly back to Denver.  😊  Any idea what area near public trans is best to stay in?  Not renting a 🚘.  Any suggestions for “must see” places, hidden gems, walks/hikes, coffee & cake places, fun restaurants where the locals go, … ?  The one really touristy thing they wanna do (and I confess that I do too 😂) is to visit crazy Ludwig’s castle.  So we will, probably on Saturday, and I’ve gotta work on those logistics too.  Other than that it’s a wide open plan.  🙏   
  5. Siezen or Duzen?

    I hear you.  At the school I work for I am on “du” terms with the principal cuz we know each other from when she lived in the US.  With everyone else she’s “Sie”.  When she offered me the job I asked her if I should use “Sie” at work with her.  😂  She said for me not to worry about it and no one would care, and she was right.  Was weird for me initially but I got used to it.  She treats every employee very respectfully anyway.  
  6. Making a UK will from Germany

    I was thinking that there’s not much that don’t be done via video these days fortunately.  And this is £ well worth your peace of mind.  Good luck with surgery!
  7. Making a UK will from Germany

    I used the template from Law Depot to make the very short new will my mom wanted in Colorado last November.  In the US wills are governed by state rather than federal law and one needs to be aware of what steps must be taken to make the will legally enforceable. You’ld wanna do the same if you use the Law Depot template for a 🇬🇧 will, as @AdHa suggested. Best of luck with the project.
  8. Siezen or Duzen?

    Unfortunately most women of a certain age can relate to such a situation in the office.   But IMO the boss was gonna bully you whether “Sie” or “du” was used, and the real moral of the story is that you learned to stand your ground, which is a cross cultural issue, which is why some of us see it as “small stuff”.  Obviously the wiring on how to offend/be offended can vary tremendously btwn cultures.  I’m glad you learned how to fire back at the jerk.  
  9. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Residency in 🇩🇪 governs inheritance tax, but citizenship/s of German residents can affect what testament is enforceable.  That can be very important in some cases, such as mine, which may be an outlier here.  But it’s good for all to know.  Inform one’s self.
  10. Simple German translation questions

    Several German friends I know use Messie and it’s in a Tatort I’m currently watching, from 2004.  So it’s been around awhile.  There’s also “horten” for hoarding, but I haven’t heard anyone I know actually use that term.  Hamstern is also associated with panic buying.  As always, the devil is in the details.  It’s all very interesting.   i assume it’s taken from the English word “messy”, which isn’t the same as hoarding.  But I could be wrong.  😂
  11. Simple German translation questions

    Does “ein Messie” mean “a hoarder” and does “hamstern” mean “to hoard”?  In AE, at least, a person who has the place filled with wall to wall clutter and can’t part with items is labeled a hoarder, and the verb is hoard.  Or does “ein Messie” mean a person with OCD?  The generalities I get, but I’m interested in the specifics.  🙏 in advance.  😂
  12. Only in America

    Personally, I can’t bear to watch the video.  The whole situation is just sickening.   The cops were part of a specialized crime unit, since disbanded, and these are prone to developing an aggressive culture and an “us vs them” mentality.   IMO these officers were on the hunt, the victim was terrified, and things spiraled out of control quickly.  He was given 71 commands to follow, within a 13 minute period, while being brutally attacked.  They could have easily handcuffed him.
  13. The War in Ukraine

    Here’s a thoughtful perspective in which the author contends that the balance of power in Europe is shifting.  Complacency is not an option for the little guys.  It’s now or never for them.
  14. Why are you happy today?

    Reading an interesting fictionalized biography of Astrid Lindgren, in German, while listening to the audiobook, a format that is working well for me in terms of language learning.  Just motoring through even when I miss the exact meaning of words, cuz I’ve got the gist.  So I’m encouraged.  That’s good, cuz I’m my own worst critic.  😃  Just gotta keep at it and be positive.
  15. What made you smile today?

    Not funny at all IMO.  I couldn’t get through 5 minutes of it becuz all Piers does is ask loaded questions and then promptly proceed to loudly interrupt/talk over the person while the question is being answered.  No learning can take place if no listening occurs.  Very 😞.
  16. What made you smile today?

    Is it jus me, or duz anyone else feel like the village idiot?  😄  I know there’s somethin’ I should be getting.  🧐
  17. What are you watching right now?

    The original series in English is wonderful, but this is a fun and easy way to work on German.  I use the UT too as that format really helps me with language learning.  New vocabulary with all the animal stuff instead of the police stuff too.  😄
  18. What are you watching right now?

    Watching All Creatures Great and Small (ARD), but in German.  😂  Taking a break from Krimis.
  19. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

    It’s know it’s very hard, but try not to go to bad places if you can. On a positive note, a family member of mine had a similar situation and everything was just fine - negative findings. And as to future colonoscopies, I have to have them done in <5 year intervals due to first order family history and they have always been covered, in 🇺🇸 and 🇩🇪. Take good care and wishing you the best.🤞 
  20. What are you cooking today?

    Enjoy it!  When I spent 4 weeks with Mom (85) in November I waited on her hand & foot and shopped & cooked to her tastes.  It was integral to helping her get better, partly cuz she had gotten very thin.  Her digestion system is quite finicky.  It’s wonderful that @sarabyrd can come back across the pond and wait on you too.  Best wishes for a continuing good recovery.  😊
  21. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Cindy Williams

    My maternal great-grandmother, of sturdy Scots-Irish ancestry, lived from 1888 until 1999, that is to say, 111 years!  She was amazing.  118 is, for me, simply mind boggling.  🤩  I have good genes, but still don’t expect to make 100+.  😂 
  22. Today's book

    👍 but that’s no reason to judge people who also wanna read about crime, war, famine, suicide, accidental death, drug overdose, … be it actual or fictional.  
  23. But those $1,400 checks were not taxable, whereas @Krieg says the 300 € bonus is.  Doesn’t seem right.
  24. What made you laugh today?

    Originally written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen, where the line was “cut loose like a deuce.”  Manfreds made it famous.
  25. What made you laugh today?

    Re: 1932 Ford Coupe's%20Earth%20Band's,dubbed%20the%20%22deuce%20coupe%22.