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  1. Am I missing something?

      My husband organized, paid for, and accompanied his mother back to Germany for her 80th birthday gift (after 45 years in the US).  It was her final big trip, lasting about two weeks, to see all the relatives and friends in various places.  When he first proposed it she said "But how can we can do that? You know I will have to bring a gift for each person."  😂  She lived another 14 years and was forever grateful for that trip, as is my husband. 
  2. There's a conference center in Konstanz right across the Rhein from where I live and it's already been publicized that it will be turned into one of the many regional vaccination centers in BW.  From what I read in the Südkurier from 11/24 the planning and delivery logistics look excellent.  I'm encouraged.  
  3. Am I missing something?

    It sounds like there is more to this story than maybe your wife is letting on, and/or than you are grasping.  She may not even know exactly why she is triggered and upset.  Having had a foreign MIL, who often said and did passive aggressive things in the name of "cultural" differences, I would say that if there's progress to be made it will come from a cooling off period, an honest discussion, and possibly with the help of a professional third party.
  4. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, made challenges in 2016 in PA, WI and MI, presumably hoping to possibly get them flipped for Hillary, but to no avail.  She raised funds to pay for the WI recount then too.  Trump is angry that his 2016 results were challenged, even though he still won, but now he's furious that the shoe is on the other foot.  
  5. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Georgia doesn't make him pay for it.  The taxpayers foot the bill.  He got to ask for it because the margin was .26%, which is less than .5%.   In Wisconsin he was entitled to a recount in those 2 WI counties because he lost by a margin of 1% or less, but the state will only pay if the margin is less than .25 points, which it wasn't.  Therefore he, as the loser, had to pay for the recounts.
  6. It's infuriating, along with the govt saying there will be Christmas exceptions from December 23rd-January 1st before we even know exactly what's happening with the numbers.  🙄  Although I am only British via ancestry I join you all in solidarity.  Much as I would love to visit my relatives in the US and my young grandchildren in Armenia, and legally I can do either, it simply won't be happening because it's too risky for everyone.  😏
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    You know @El Jeffo, what struck me when I originally read this was how Trump himself deems wishing a happy Thanksgiving to the military as less important than spouting his own fake news (the election was rigged 🙄).  His act of pretending to care about others, in this case the troops, is so thoroughly transparent. 🤮  I will never understand how anyone could ever believe that he cares for anyone but himself.  🤷‍♀️
  8. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

    As I learned from @cybil here on TT 🙏 earlier this year, you can watch ARD Mediathek on your computer and/or with an iPad app.  😀  You gain access to a ton of interesting content, much of it with the option of German subtitles. 👏  This morning I actually watched about 15 minutes of the parties in Parliament in real time as they debated about the current Corona measures, with the subtitles.  There are crime shows, dramas, documentaries, comedies, films, travel shows, news, and more.  I highly recommend it for enhanced German learning, and there's no monthly fee. 
  9. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

    That is location dependent I would say.  Here in Konstanz we have many motivated students, lots even coming over from Switzerland.  We have some top notch teachers too.  The VHS here is excellent.
  10. What made you laugh today?

    A trip down memory lane.  😂
  11. President Donald J. Trump

    Well that says it all.  🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  12. What made you smile today?

    Someone using a delightful word I never heard of, "squizz".  😀  Just when I think I've had enough along comes @kiplette and restores my faith.  😉 😂
  13. Cross-border cpa/Steuerberater

    You can also, like many of us do, use a CPA from the US and a Steuerberater(in) in Germany.  
  14. What made you laugh today?

    I think that might interfere with golfing.  😂   But, hey, let’s just keep counting.  😂  Now we are past 6 Million votes more for Biden.
  15. What made you laugh today?

    Governor Kemp of Georgia wants a recount of the recount.  😂😂😂  Now @El Jeffo is going to have to make an alteration to his recount meme with Obama and Hillary for us.  😂 😂😂  Counting is so much fun.  😊