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  1. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Qualified health professional who is off to drink some herbal tea and lower my BP.  Tomorrow is a new day!
  2. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    AFAIK you are not qualified to make such a statement.  
  3. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    You made the point earlier that you are very fit.  That's for sure not a problem!
  4. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Valid points.  But we face this in everything.  I mean I can't make the best decisions about where to invest or what computer to buy, or ...  because it's not my field of expertise.  So I ask other people that I respect and trust and I gather info and work from there.  Managing healthcare information is no different, but it's sometimes more important.  My friends trust me about what I know and trust me to tell them what I don't know!
  5. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Remember that we are talking about Big Pharma here Lisa!  What are their incentives?  🤷‍♀️  Just sayin'. (for the record, I vaccinated my kids when we were living in West Berlin in the late 80s and the Germans were against vaccinations at that time - so it's not like I discount everything 😂)   My situation is also that I have a partner who understands higher level statistics and has found many a physician's information concerning mammograms, colonoscopies, osteopenia ratings, and cholesterol levels (to name a few) to be inadequate.  We are not into conspiracy theories, but we believe it's useful to question things and get second opinions.  Of course, having a highly statistically literate partner is helpful.
  6. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    That's certainly what I learned after life experiences and spending 20 years working in healthcare.  So pick people you can trust and who aren't condescending to you when you question things.  It's really important that you have a say in your healthcare decisions.
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    Yep.  It's rigged katheliz.    But then I think we all knew that it would be.
  8. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    I was curious on that jeba because I've always been told to fast.  But apparently the standards are changing if you google it.  And they are changing in Europe but lagging behind in the US.  The bigger question still remains whether these results are valuable to begin with.
  9. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Also, the tests can be very sensitive to what’s happened even during the past few weeks.  My friend was on vacation in England eating lots of yummy stuff and came back home only to test right away at high values.  After resorting to his everyday more appropriate diet and retesting all was within normal limits.  He was pleased that he read up on that and did it his way because after the first test the doctor‘s office called wanting to prescribe statins.  In the US they are wildly overprescribed so big Pharma can clean up.  I am not advising, just pointing out that there seem to be conflicting views out there.
  10. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Hi kaju - I have PMed you.  Good luck navigating the minefield.  I suspect it will all work out.  🤞
  11. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    The very purpose of Piers' arguing seems to be able to keep a story alive so that Piers has something to do.  It seems that the revolt is over and done with, and maybe he needs to move on to a new script.  
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    My US town of 100,000 has sidewalks and bikers, and affordable locally sourced meat, dairy, and produce. But the bus system is poor.  I agree with Metall that the US is huge and has much variation.  I find that what works is great and what doesn't is pretty rough.  But, to return to the thread topic, I find Donald J. Trump to be one of the very rough parts. 
  13. You might try Deep L. It's regarded as a much better translator.  I learned about it from a software language translation expert.
  14. Yes. The negative interest rates here are fascinating subject matter.  And as my retired economist friend used to say when asked what his interest rate prediction was "that's not my specialty area, but if I could somehow predict interest rates I would of course never have to work another day in my life."