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  1. Death and child custody

    So being pregnant with my first got me thinking. My husband and I live here and have no family here. If both of us were to pass away leaving our child alone could a family member (child’s uncle or grandparent) from Canada take custody (given the child would be a dual citizen)? What would be the steps to set this up? Through a notar or a lawyer? I never gave this topic much thought before until now. 
  2. Hi fellow TTers, hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I have a question regarding rental rights. We have been living in an apartment complex for about 4 years and live on the first floor. There used to be an office under  us so we never had any issues. After the whole corona situation started the office closed and a restaurant opened. The restaurant serves lots of fried schwein and kartoffeln and I can smell it all day from 9 am to 11 pm. Monday is my favourite day of the week because I can air out my apartment without worrying about the smell (yes it is that bad). Their kitchen window is always open or gekippt and everytime I open my windows for stoßluft the smell is really nauseating particularly in spring and summer. We need to air out the apartment to prevent schimmel it just has to be done and I dread it each time since the smell lingers afterwards. This has been going on for a year now. Not to add that the employees smoke outside so the smell of smoke and sometimes weed comes into my apartment. The smell is real strong and I really am not exaggerating. It seems someone complained because they installed a fan on the window which still does not do much since they have the window open. So here is my question(s): Do I even have the right to complain or is it just bad luck? I did read that there are cases of Geruchbelastung and such. Who would I go to complain? Would a mietverein help or is it better just to go to a lawyer directly? Mietverminderung would be great but that is not my goal. i ultimately want a solution to the strong bad smell. For one, if they shut their windows and install some system that would be nice.  Any ideas, advice, references to laws and or links (ideally in German) would  be really appreciated. We have been reading on the issue but want to see if we are missing something.
  3. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    Couldn’t tell since it was not written in letters I could understand 
  4. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    As a pharmacist, I'll tell you it can be done and I have done it. It is legal, however, in the first months there were no clear rules on it. With the increasing numbers of fake vaccine records, there is probably a lot of hesitancy. The new system has a place to enter the lot number of the vaccine. It unfortunately only recognises ones given in Germany. Entering the lot is optional, but we all enter it to be safe. This may be another reason why the pharmacy did not want to do it. here is no pflicht on the pharmacy side, so theoretically anyone can outright reject you and and do not need to give a reason.    As long as you bring your original proof of vaccination with you and your ID (passport) we do process them. Each person needs to personally show up (including kids). No bringing passports and vaccination records for the entire family yourself! The CDC card is accepted as far as I'm aware. The only one I outright rejected was from a Chinese couple with a vaccine record completely in Mandarin. It has to at least be in letters I can decipher and look legitimate. Maybe try getting it done in a bigger city where pharmacies are used to seeing a more international crowd. 
  5. You won't find an answer. The answer is it depends on who is processing your file. From those I personally know, it did not impact their file, but that is only what I know...