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  1. all the best.    "rule book"... sorry I had to laugh at that. 
  2. I've been going by the  "Verordnung zum Anspruch auf Schutzimpfung gegen das Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus-Impfverordnung – CoronaImpfV) Vom 8. Februar 2021". Seems to match more closely with what is posted on the impfzentrum website (I only know the Hessen one, no idea about the rest). There are 3 groups based on the document. First group is based on age as well as those in nursing homes, those who work in emergency medicine, oncology, transplantation medicine, as well as those working in ICU. Just working in hospital doesn't normally qualify but somehow some people working in hospital in specialties with a moderate risk got the vaccine with the first group. Guess they somehow fudged their risk group. The third group contains those working in stores, pharmacies, labs, firefighters, Pharma industry... as well as those with certain medical conditions.   Schutzimpfungen mit höchster Priorität  Group 1 Personen, die das 80. Lebensjahr vollendet haben, Personen, die in stationären und teilstationären Einrichtungen zur Behandlung, Betreuung oder Pflege älterer oder pflegebedürftiger Menschen behandelt, betreut oder gepflegt werden oder tätig sind, Personen, die im Rahmen ambulanter Pflegedienste regelmäßig ältere oder pflegebedürftige Menschen behandeln, betreuen oder pflegen, sowie Personen, die im Rahmen der ambulanten Pflege Begutachtungs- oder Prüftätig- keiten ausüben, Personen, die in Bereichen medizinischer Einrichtungen mit einem sehr hohen Expositionsrisiko in Bezug auf das Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 tätig sind, insbesondere auf Intensivstationen, in Notaufnahmen, in Rettungsdiensten, als Leistungserbringer der spezialisierten ambulanten Palliativversorgung, in den Impfzentren im Sinne von § 6 Absatz 1 Satz 1 sowie in Bereichen, in denen für eine Infektion mit dem Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 relevante aero- solgenerierende Tätigkeiten durchgeführt werden, Personen, die in medizinischen Einrichtungen regelmäßig Personen behandeln, betreuen oder pflegen, bei denen ein sehr hohes Risiko für einen schweren oder tödlichen Krankheitsverlauf nach einer Infektion mit dem Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 besteht, insbesondere in der Onkologie oder Transplantationsmedizin. Schutzimpfungen mit hoher Priorität Group 2 Schutzimpfungen mit erhöhter Priorität Group 3   Then everyone else.   
  3. This is the part I don't understand. How do people even skip the line (well I guess if they are a politician...)? When signing up the rules are REAL clear with every group clearly described. I heard some people in my area (Hessen) haven't received appointments yet, and most of those that haven't have been trying to get an appointment by phone which takes a ridiculous amount of time. The ones who used the online system and kept refreshing the page to try to get on it were faster. 
  4. computer printer - which to buy?

      Thanks for the tip. 
  5. computer printer - which to buy?

    I remember having a brother laser printer. Looked like this . This was a good 8 years ago and it had survived a total of 12 years before needing a new drum unit. The drum unit was more expensive than a new printer at the time so we got a new printer. This was back in Canada. Right now we are also looking for a printer and are torn between laser and inkjet. We don't print a whole lot, but we do a lot of scanning. A brother printer runs at around 180 which isn't exactly cheap. 
  6. Ab Mai... we shall see.   I myself am in Gruppe 3. Husband is in 1 and just got his vaccine a couple days ago.     
  7. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    I do miss going to a hairdresser myself but it is way down on my priority list. It has been 2 years now. I go every 2-3 years for a hair cut, wash, shampoo, mask. I don't colour my hair though (never have). It's like a treat/ pamper session for me.    Right now I really want the stores to open. All my socks have decided to get ruined at the same time and I need new dress shoes since my old ones are teared after using them for 5 years (well shitty quality anyway). I don't want to purchase these sort of things online. 
  8. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    I guess that is true everywhere in the world. For my purposes it is free when I don't have to pay every month .   So while this topic is on banking... I want to open an account with a bank with an actual location. I will be earning more money next month (still part time) but should be around 1200 netto coming in. Between Commerzbank and Deutschebank which would be recommended. Commerzbank has this klassik option for 5 euros a month which seems reasonable and there is no mindesteingang.   
  9. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    Thanks for the video! 
  10. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    I use Consorsbank as well as N26. Both are still free although honestly I am not a fan of not being able to deposit cash for both of them ( don't need to do it often hence I never cared much for it). 
  11.   Cashier never checked my eggs. Then again I do it myself anyway and I am in a big city. I always ask for a receipt too. I once walked out and the damn detector beeped. Luckily I had a receipt to prove my innocence. 
  12. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    As a female it isn’t so much an issue for me to let it grow. As for my husband I cut it after watching some youtube videos last year and have been doing his hair since the first lockdown. I think it looks decent. Not professional quality but good enough that I think no one would notice unless looking real hard and real close. I used a trimmer and used 3 or 4 guard on the sides and 7 or 8 guard on the top. Did this about once a month and have gotten better with time. The first time I just trimmed it all with the same guard. 
  13.   It is called Camsakizi Ağda and is in a green container. It is in almost every Turkish store in the same aisle as their cleaning products. This blog here has a picture of it. I also use it on my upper lip and chin area. Leaves the area nice and smooth.
  14. I have never gotten a wax done down there professionally but do sugaring myself. I buy a sugar paste from the local Turkish shop for around 2 euros, warm it up a bit and use it. Sugar paste is much less irritating than wax.