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  1. I’m pretty sure the gap invalidates it and you have to start over. You can’t have a gap longer than 6 months is what I was told by my local ABH. Just look into the requirements. For me they asked for B1 and the Einbürgerungstest certificate (super easy test). 
  2. What are you cooking today?

    Thanks for the tip!!! Will look around for it. 
  3. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    A totally unnecessary comment...  I don't know if you're trying to be helpful or funny. Besides a handheld fan does nothing for the rest of the body. 
  4. What are you cooking today?

    Peri peri chicken with rice. I ordered some of the sauce online off amazon since was craving it. Anyone know where I can order it cheaper (it was 8 euros for 125ml so kind of steep)? Or even better a good recipe to try and replicate it?     
  5. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Hahaha I loved the air conditioning set to 30 sentence. I can only speak for the SBahn and some regional bahnen in my area but fully agree. Especially with the heat in the Rhein main region i usually get to work sweaty despite showering beforehand. In the winter they heat the bahn a little too much as well and I end up with a sweaty face too with the ffp2 mask. 
  6. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

     I plan to work. i usually pay over 10 euros a day for work so 9 euros a month saves me a ton. Maybe on weekends I’ll go to the next town over. 
  7. Death and child custody

    So being pregnant with my first got me thinking. My husband and I live here and have no family here. If both of us were to pass away leaving our child alone could a family member (child’s uncle or grandparent) from Canada take custody (given the child would be a dual citizen)? What would be the steps to set this up? Through a notar or a lawyer? I never gave this topic much thought before until now.