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  1. Stamping Passports post-Brexit

    Third country national here. I always present my Aufenthaltstitel first (give them a couple of seconds to actually look at the card), then I hand over my passport. To this day I have never had my passport stamped.     
  2. Sorry I can't say. I can only tell you our experience which I already explained. The timing of appointments has been changing constantly so I don't know what is going on. 
  3. I am actually wondering how they decide to add that? My residency permit is for 3 years and says my passport number. Most people I know in the next Gemeinde over (less busy one) have passersatz on theirs. Just curious honestly. 
  4. Yes you have to give your passport when you get your urkunde. A passport application does not take long, I believe it was about 4 weeks after application. 
  5. They asked for proof of income for the last 3 months. They only asked once around the beginning of 2021. Acceptance came about 1.5 months later. A friend of mine got asked 3 times for proof of income. 
  6. Sorry for the late response. I have not opened TT for awhile. Yes it was processed at Darmstadt. I guess we lucked out. We had no missing papers so that could have been a factor plus luck. A friend of mine applied in Aug 2019 and got the urkunde feb 2021, so it depends on the file and who works on it. 
  7. Proof of negative Schnelltest?

    FYI for travel depending on country, a schnelltest printed off from one of those free sites it sufficient. No stamp, just PDF printed off. I tried it and it worked out. 
  8. Ah sorry, it was the Frankfurt impfzentrum  
  9. I apparently had the wrong one. My Hausarzt gave me the non WHO version of the impfpass and I didn't really notice. They simply gave me a new one at the impfzentrum. They have a stack of them. 
  10. Advice needed: Mannheim VS Munich

    Public transport is expensive. If you look at the price of monthly tickets it is pricey. My workplace is around 20 km from my apt. A monthly card costs 160-170 euros per month. That isn't exactly cheap. I got longer shifts so that I work less days a week and get day tickets. Turns out to be cheaper for me. In the end it is cheaper than owning a vehicle. Price is supposed to increase this summer too. This is why the Gruene piss me off, they want to raise prices of gas and taxes for vehicles while also increasing costs of public transport. 
  11. What are you cooking today?

    I purchase coriander, parsley and mint leaves from the local Turkish or Moroccan market. The bunch is much bigger and better quality than REWE. I cook a lot with parsley and coriander so the measly amounts sold in REWE and Aldi are not sufficient. 
  12. How long can I stay in Germany?

    Holy 10 years! Is this some special treatment for Brits? I only got 3 when I came here as a Canadian... and I was thankful since I heard some were getting 6 months- 1 yr. 
  13. Update: Urkunde was picked up! Complete process took 10 months, which was much shorter than anticipated. Hope things work out for you and good luck.