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  1. Hi everybody,    I was wonder if you know any basketball bar in Berlin which broadcast EuropeanLeague Final Four? There will be first games today at 6pm and 9pm.    Thank you and have a great Friday and festival weekend. 
  2.   It took me really long time to figure out all in my payroll now i know all the details there but seems like its not that important. Its both employee and employer parts for whole year insurance company asks from me. Its really a lot of money. Yes at least insurance company made it in instalments im a bit lucky there. But still paying the money already taken from you is really painful.
  3. Thank you, i read it. Since my status has been changed to Freiwillig(Voluntarily insured) i seem to be responsible for all the payments. Im not 100% sure but i guess freiwillig contributions are not privileged so its very less likely i will receive any money from insolvency but i will try for sure.  
  4.   End of the this month i'm finishing working for the employer. They were facing insolvency and end of the insolvency a company bought them and they wont pay my insurance for 2017.
  5. My employer doesn't exist anymore. And since they changed my status to freiwillig i'm the one who is responsible for the payments now and have to pay them again even though my payments can be seen in payrolls through whole year. My insurance company would have told me premiums were not paid much earlier and i could track down the payments and do something but they didn't till the very end of the year. 
  6. Hi everybody,    i have been Gesetzlich - Pflichtversichert insured by 2017 January then its changed to Gesetzlich - Freiwillige during that year but i have not been informed till December 21st 2017. And i have been told by my insurance company that change has been applied retrospectively for whole 2017 beginning from January 2017 till December 2017 because my employer requested it.    I wonder if its really possible my insurance status can be changed without my knowledge?   Right now because of this change i have to re-pay whole year to insurance company again.    Thanks in advance for reading it and i really appreciate answers if you know about this.   Best.