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  1. Selling a car on German plates abroad - confusion

      Thank you.
  2. Hello, living in Geneva now, I will be selling by old car which I bought in Germany back then, registered on German plates. The buyer will be registering it either in CH or FR, after the deal, so I need to do my part by allow this at Stuttgart Zulassungstelle first. I have spent hours trying to find what exactly I will need to have with me and what not, plus what is the cheapest way how to do it. Would you have a clue? 1. This webpage describes the export via "Ausfuhrkennzeichen". What makes me totally confused is the line "Das Fahrzeug ist vorzuführen" in the pre-requisites. Does this mean they expect the car physically there in the moment when I will be doing the paperwork at the Zulassungstelle? The thing is, I totally don't want to drive the car 500 km and back. Why it is written there? I have never heard of that necessity, isn't this just a false information on the webpage?   2. The Ausfuhrkennzeichen solution is actually pretty expensive. Special plates, special insurance for the transport. My case is probably unusual in a fact, that I don't need to transport it anywhere. The buyer will take it here in Geneva, I will take the German plates, and I just need to deregister it in Germany - but as far I understand it, I cannot make a simple deregister without telling the Zulassungstelle that someone else will be registering the car abroad? Because it would be probably not possible then, maybe they even collect the car papers from me at the Zulassungstelle, when I will ask for deregistering...? upon which it would be impossible for the buyer to register it elsewhere, of course. Do you please know how should I handle it? Many thanks.