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  1. Landlord not accepting apartment cancellation registered post

    Thanks a lot 2B, wish you too a very happy new year I have already seen the above links and bookmarked them, but am still a bit nervous if he does not responding to mahnbescheid. Can he file a back case on me? I also heard from few other tenants that he mentioned something like I will kill you all, you dont know me I am a russian. Ideally the guys should have filed a police case which they didnt(its their choice anyway)   I have my 2000(-200 cleaning) euros stuck and he isnt telling me about any damages claims to hold the money. Or should I forget my money :(
  2. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

    I am also stuck in the same situation, although I don't have a legal insurance. Its been 6.5 months and the landlord is not picking up the call nor responding to mails and not returning the kaution deposit. Any idea how much the lawyer fee would cost my deposit is 2000 Euros. In Frankfurt I have the final handover protocol in which he has just mentioned see photos(when I asked what photos, he said he will check the apartment with the pictures he has in his computer) I also had a witness along with me and ended up signing it.  What should be the next step from your point of view? I am already a member of Mietverian and have next appointment beginning of Feb.
  3. Landlord not accepting apartment cancellation registered post

    Hard to say it's been 6 months neither the landlord is picking up the call nor responding to my mails Any suggestions @Smaug on how to get my kaution deposit back Already going through tough time in Life and this landlord made it miserable!!