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  1. Rent office space as employee

    Regus offered me a desk in a shared room for a monthly payment of around 180€ + VAT for a 6-month contract. I think it's much cheaper and less complicated than renting an apartment. But unfortunately they sign only B2B deals. 
  2. Rent office space as employee

      An apartment would need a separate internet contract (costly especially if I want a short notice period), adds energy costs, complicates my tax declaration, etc. 
  3. Rent office space as employee

    But my employer isn't willing to pay the bill since they have a nice office 100km away.
  4. Rent office space as employee

      Thanks. I have already visited some of these co-working providers and they asked for my or my employer's business tax number. Maybe I should keep searching.
  5. Rent office space as employee

      Thanks a lot. The problem is that I have a very difficult 2-year old son at home and he is often sick and cannot go to the daycare. Since I never worked from home, I am afraid he will not tolerate me locking myself in a room! If I cannot handle the tax, I have to deal with him.  Does becoming "self-employed" affects the relation between me and my employer? 
  6. Hello all, I am located in Nürnberg and will soon start a new job for a company located in Ingoldstadt. I am supposed to work from home but prefer to rent an office so that I can concentrate better, especially during the first year. I have found some good office spaces in Nürnberg but they all require business tax number and will only sign B2B contracts. They asked me to register myself as self-employed "Selbstständiger" at my local Finanzamt in order to get such number. I have indeed a tax number together with my wife and we use this number in our income tax declaration. Can I send them the same number or do I have to change my registration at Finanzamt? Whatever I find in Google by searching "als Angestellte Büro mieten" is about really self-employed people, e.g. Amazon sellers, Youtubers, freelancers, etc.