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  1. Hi all,   I have been in Munich for about a week now, stayed at a hotel for my first week and now moved to another one for 10 more days, before getting a temporary apartment. I am still viewing apartments(luckily I was accepted in one already, but i decided not to take it but go for a different one instead which i think i may close the deal with next week).   I do have to go do my Anmeldung with week, and i am reading that i need a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, basically a form that confirms my residence. I am reading mixed posts on whether i would be able to get it from the hotel reception, especially since i just arrived at the second hotel. However, in order to be legal, I definitely need to do it. Plus i need it for insurance/banking/paychecks/phone, pretty much everything   So, i am wondering, how does it work when you are temporarily living in one or two hotels for your first 2 weeks in Munich ? Do you just ask the reception and they have to give it to you ?   Thanks !