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  1. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    Thank you all for the replies ! The copy of the ticket was for 25$ and 25$ for admin fees(ticket shows 25$). Notice that i didn't pay it through the rental service(Turo), it was basically a private paypal transfer. That's why i wasn't sure about that fee. Anyway though, I guess it is what it is, tough to say for sure, but I would pay it with any other rental service anyway, so I guess it's ok.
  2. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

      It's baffling to me that you think i should understand something for which i was never given an answer.   The question was :    Is it normal for an administration fee to be 25 euros for governmental charges on a 25 euro ticket ? If the administration fee is more like a small percentage, amounting to, say 1 or 2 euros, that would make a huge difference to what i am actually called to pay.   If anyone has paid a speeding ticket before, were they called to pay an administrative fee of about 25 euros ? Or was it much less ?   I basically want to make sure i am not getting scammed by the private party, that's all.   If you can somehow deduce the answer from what has been discussed in this thread so far, please enlighten me cause i am not seeing it.
  3. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

      I cannot pay it myself because it was received on behalf of the car owner(traffic camera). So they basically came back to me telling me that there is a 25$ administration fee, which is about paperwork really.    This is basically what i was asking here. If someone ever got a ticket, did they pay extra on top of the written value on the bill ? Like 20-25$ admin fee extra ?   It does sound to me that admin fees placed from rental companies are on top of the government admin fees. But i am not sure about it. Which is why i opened this thread.
  4. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    Yeah... since i pasted this exact same thing right above.   the question is, is it normal to be 25 euros  for governmental charges or it's more like 1-2 euros, like a negligible cost ?
  5. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    You will notice that Turo states (Cost of ticket or toll(incl. governmental charges)*   Is this really like 25euros extra for a 25euros ticket?
  6. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

      Well, that is exactly what i said above  I've googled that before.   But i am wondering, are there government admin fees on top of the tickets base payment ?  
  7. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

      I don't see an administration fee anywhere, other than a 3% processing fee and only if the reimbursement tool is used. But I thought it may be something that is charged by the German government instead. But since I am basically transferring the money to the host via Paypal, just wanted to make sure.
  8. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    I recently got a speeding ticket for my car rental with Turo, and my host asked me to privately pay him an extra 25euro administration fee.   I wanted to ask, is this normal for speeding tickets ? Is there really an administration fee ? Is it something that Turo charges maybe ?   The cost of the actual ticket is 25euros too, so basically paying the double as much for the admin fee.   Thanks !
  9. Hi all,   I have been in Munich for about a week now, stayed at a hotel for my first week and now moved to another one for 10 more days, before getting a temporary apartment. I am still viewing apartments(luckily I was accepted in one already, but i decided not to take it but go for a different one instead which i think i may close the deal with next week).   I do have to go do my Anmeldung with week, and i am reading that i need a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, basically a form that confirms my residence. I am reading mixed posts on whether i would be able to get it from the hotel reception, especially since i just arrived at the second hotel. However, in order to be legal, I definitely need to do it. Plus i need it for insurance/banking/paychecks/phone, pretty much everything   So, i am wondering, how does it work when you are temporarily living in one or two hotels for your first 2 weeks in Munich ? Do you just ask the reception and they have to give it to you ?   Thanks !
  10. Temporary Lodging - Hotel Suggestions

      I don't have a probation period, i am transferred from the US.
  11. Temporary Lodging - Hotel Suggestions

      I was pretty sure that this is the case, which is understandable of course. In fact, I've mentioned that in another thread i made some time ago. But we will see, for now I will have to get some temporary lodging for as long as it takes.   I do have a job though, but no Germany related history.
  12. Temporary Lodging - Hotel Suggestions

      In that case, I will probably end up in a hotel   Thanks for the link, looks useful ! I will take a closer look.
  13. Temporary Lodging - Hotel Suggestions

      You didn't understand what I meant at all. I just want to get a couple of weeks in ONE hotel once I get there and if i like it I will extend my stay there, if not I will look for another one. Or maybe get an airbnb, who knows. I was not implying that I expect to find a new apartment in 2 weeks, you got it completely wrong there. I got it, it's hard to find an apartment to rent, no need to mention it in all your posts.    
  14. Hi there ! I am moving to Munich in about 3 weeks and since it will take some time to find an apartment, I will likely end up in a hotel for at least a couple of weeks or so.   While I can definitely find a lot of hotels online, I would definitely like to hear from people who have either visited or live in the area and know more about the hotels in the Munich center. I am mostly looking around Grillparzerstraße or near that.   Please let me know if you have any nice suggestions to make. I think I will probably be looking to pay around 100-120$ per night, I have found quite a few options near that range.   Thanks !
  15. Renting long term apartment advice

      Frankly, I have been spoiled for choice here in the US, I work in the bay area(IT) and things are insanely hot here, companies paying really really well. An issue with my visa had me requiring to come back though, at least for a year or two, who knows what happens next. Zurich's base salaries appear to be similar to the bay area ones, BUT without the extra stock that bigger companies give(except Google Zurich), and that is a pretty huge difference. In the bay companies offer stock refreshers every year and so 300k salaries are almost considered baseline for even average engineers(like me :D) after just a few years of service. It really is crazy here.