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  1. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hi, guys. I desperately need help, as our deadline is approaching. Guilty as charged. I suddenly realised I don't know how to present my earnings in the tax return form. Namely I am working from Germany for a Norwegian company. I have a permanent job and I should pay all the taxes and contributions in Germany. But the thing is I started working in January 2018 and starting paying for the contributions from 20. February. The Jan and Feb contributions were paid in Norway, but I still need to pay the tax for Jan and Feb and the rest of the year. So when I include my earnings for the whole year without these contributions in Jan and Feb, the tax I need to pay is much higher than it should be. What should I do? And which system should I use. I was thinkning of or steergo. Any help is welcome and highly appriciated, thanks.